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6. Dropping Classes/
Withdrawing from Programs

1. Dropping Classes

If you decide to drop a class, it is your responsibility to do so within the published deadlines. You drop courses through RAMSS. You should always make sure that you have successfully dropped the course in question by checking your RAMSS schedule to see if the course has been removed. If you fail to drop a course successfully, you will receive an “F” or “FNA”. If you are on a probationary contract, you may need to get the permission of your program or department to drop a course (you will need to check this with your department).

Deadlines for dropping courses indicate if you a) are eligible for a full or partial refund and/or b) can drop the course in good academic standing (i.e. the dropped course will not show on your transcript) but you will not receive a refund of any of your tuition fees.

Please refer to the following websites for detailed information of the specific dates for dropping classes:

Undergraduate deadlines

Chang School deadlines

Graduate deadlines

a. Important aspects to consider

When you decide to drop a class, you should be mindful of some aspects:

  • If the course is a prerequisite for other courses
  • When the course will be offered again
  • If dropping the course will affect your OSAP
  • If the course is required for graduation

Please also note that

  • The instructor will NOT drop you automatically when you stop attending classes
  • The instructor will NOT drop you from the course if you tell him or her that you are dropping the course.
  • You will NOT be automatically dropped if you don’t pay the fees for the course.

2. Withdrawing from a Program

To permanently withdraw from a program, you must drop all courses and fill out the Undergraduate Application to Withdraw Form or the Graduate Application to Withdraw Form. Please refer to the deadlines for Undergraduate or Graduate Program Withdrawal.

If you have an academic standing of Required to Withdraw (RTW) or Permanent Program Withdrawn (PPW) you do not need to fill out this form.

a. Temporary withdrawal from a program

It is possible to withdraw from a program temporarily, for example for one or two semesters. Please refer to the specific information for undergraduate students provided by Enrollment Services and Student Fees.

Information about short-term withdrawal for graduate students, called a Leave of Absence, is found in Section 3 of the Graduate Admissions and Studies Policy.

Remember to check the RU SIGNIFICANT DATES for Appeal, Transfer credit and other deadlines!

Please look at the Appeal Package here.





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