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8. Missed Exams/Classes

1. Missing an exam

Please read the University missed exam website

If you miss an exam because of a sudden illness or personal/family emergency, you are required to request alternative arrangements through the online Academic Consideration Request(ACR) portal, and contact the relevant course instructor.

Students should submit Academic Consideration Requests for extenuating circumstances not related to their Academic Accomodations.

Students are required to provide the relevant supporting documentation with the Academic Consideration Request or within 3 days of the missed obligation. In limited circumstances, once per semester, students can make the request without documentation with their Instructors permission.

If you are not able to resolve the issue with your instructor, contact your Chair/Program Director as soon as possible to ask for his or her assistance

Consult the Examinations section of the Student Guide and the Examinations Policy for information on your exam rights and responsibilities. You could also review the Office of the Registrar Examinations website.

2. Missing Classes

General policy information about attendance can be found in the Undergraduate Student Guide and the University website. For more specific information:

  • Check your COURSE OUTLINE to determine whether or not attendance is required and/or whether there will be marks assigned for class participation/attendance.
  • Check your Department/School HANDBOOK to see if notification and/or documentation is required for absences.

As a courtesy, if you are going to be missing several classes due to personal or family reasons, you may want to let your instructor know in advance (whenever possible), and discuss what you may be missing.

3. Being assigned an INC

An instructor may give you an INC (incomplete grade), instead of a letter grade if you could not complete all of your course work or a missed final exam due to circumstances beyond your control prior to the final deadline for the instructor to submit the grades. To be eligible for an INC grade some work must have been submitted and the successful completion of the remaining work will allow you to pass the course. The outstanding work or alternate examination must be completed by a specified date, as agreed with your Instructor, within the 3 months of the submission of the INC grade, unless alternative arrangements have been made with the program’s Chair/Director, for the extension of the INC. When the outstanding work is completed, the INC will be replaced by an official course grade. If the work is not completed by the deadline the INC will become a grade of F.

To request an INC grade, you must ask your instructor within 3 working days, or as soon as reasonably possible, of the missed final examination or final assignment deadline. Supporting documentation (e.g. Ryerson Medical Certificate) must be provided. The University expects instructors awarding an INC grade to provide the student, within 7 working days, with a written statement of outstanding work to be completed and the date by which it must be completed (or the date of the alternate final examination).

In the event that you are too ill to meet the deadline for completing the work you should contact your instructor to explain that you will be unable to meet the deadline, and you can ask the Program Director or Chair to extend the deadline if you have sufficient rationale for an exception to be made.

If an extension is provided and an INC is not completed by the end of the semester following when it was given, students will not be permitted to enroll in any course for which the INC is a prerequisite. If a student has more than one INC remaining at the end of the semester, at the discretion of the program, the student may be prevented from registering in any courses.

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