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Continuing Education OneCard

Though not mandatory for Chang School students, a Continuing Education OneCard may be purchased for $20.00 in person at the OneCard Office.  For students needing access to buildings, labs or have an indoor parking permit, a $35 iClass version is available. The iClass OneCard with RFID chip has access capabilities when activated by Department authorized requests.

To be eligible for a CE OneCard you must be registered and enrolled for a course in the current semester. Be sure to bring valid Government Issued Photo ID and have your student number ready.  Visit Getting your OneCard for availability.

Benefits of a CE Chang School OneCard include:

  • official Ryerson student identification
  • Ryerson Library privileges and take out equipment
  • software discounts at the Campus Store
  • Ryerson Athletic Centre memberships discounts
  • convenient purchasing power while on campus


Getting by without a OneCard

Since the Continuing Education OneCard is optional, CE Students are offered alternatives to access services on campus without the OneCard:

  • CE Students may present Goverment Issued Photo ID for Exams (Ryerson University Examination Policy, page 5)
  • Ryerson Library is able to issue a free Library Card to CE Students
  • CashCards are available to use for purchases on campus. Available at PHIL Machines and at the OneCard Office for $5 ($1 card cost and $4.00 funds)
  • TTC VIP monthly discounts passes may be purchased at the Student Campus Centre (55 Gould Street) by providing your student number and presenting your Government Issued Photo ID