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Frequently Asked Questions

What is OneCard?

It is the official identification card for the Ryerson University community. For as long as you are student, staff or faculty at Ryerson University, your Ryerson OneCard will be the single most important piece of identification you possess. The multi-purpose ID Card integrates a number of functions. In addition to being your ID card, it’s a library card, a photocopy card, a laser print card, a meal and vending card, and Security Access card. You should carry your valid card with you when on campus as proof that you are affiliated with the Ryerson University community. Visit the What is Onecard page for more detailed information.

How can I get a OneCard?

See Getting your OneCard for instructions on applying and getting your OneCard.

Where can I use my OneCard?

There are many places on campus to use your OneCard, for food, printing services, lab access, library privileges and more. See Using your OneCard for detailed information on services and locations.

How do I take care of my OneCard?

Keep your OneCard away from magnets and keys and be careful not to scratch it as this can compromise the barcode and reader strip on the card. Be careful not to put it through the washing machine, bend it, or punch a hole in the card. All these put the card at risk for damage. There is a fee for replacement cards. See Proper Care for more detailed information.

If I lose my card, do I lose the money I have on it?

Not if you deactivate your OneCard quickly enough before someone finds it and uses it. It is important you report your card missing immediately. Once it's deactivated, the funds on your card are protected and can be transferred to a new card.

Visit the lost or stolen card step by step instructions on deactivating your OneCard.

How can I tell what my current balance is?
  • Every time you use your card to purchase something, your balance as of that transaction is displayed on the display.
  • You can ask any manned location that accepts the OneCard to tell you your balance.
  • You can check your balance at any cash loading machine
  • You can check your balance via the Rmobile OneCard App
If I have meal plan money, do I still need to load money on my card?

Any money that comes with your meal plan can only be used to purchase food. If you want to do laundry, printing, photocopying, or use any non-food related service, you must add money to your OneCard.

My residence meal plan comes with x dollars, but I only received half - how come?

The money that comes with the residence meal plans is divided by term. This means you have half the money added the third week of August and the balance deposited in January. 

My card doesn't work anymore, what should I do?

Visit the Card not Working/Fund Errors page for a quick guide on common problems and fixes. You can also visit the OneCard office during business hours and we will investigate the issue.

How do I renew my card when it expires?

Please be advised that starting for the Fall 2010 Semester and onwards the use of stickers for validating Ryerson OneCard's will no longer be taking place.

Based on your continued student registration with Ryerson University your OneCard will remain active for accessing University services. (This activation does not include access to buildings or labs. Your faculty or school must continue the practice of providing activation time lines and levels)

Do I need to get a new OneCard every year?

You will continue to use the same card from your first year for all your undergraduate/graduate career here at Ryerson.  If you are in need of a replacement please visit the OneCard Office for assistance.

Is the OneCard mandatory for Continuing Education Students?

CE Students are not required to have a OneCard and may choose to use a piece of government issued photo ID for exam purposes. (Examination Policy)  However, students enrolled in CE courses are eligible to purchase a card for $20.00. Visit What is OneCard for information.

Is it possible to have the OneCard mailed to me?

In order to maintain the integrity of the Ryerson OneCard and for security purposes, the card may only be issued upon proper validation.  To pickup your OneCard, you will need to bring your student number and two pieces of valid government issued photo ID (one must have a current photo).



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