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OneCard Anatomy

Cardholder Information printed on the front of the card, identifies the cardholder. Present your OneCard to identify yourself at exams, events and for various services on campus.

  • White Print:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Student Number
  • Yellow/Orange Print:
    • Program 
    • Start Term
    • GBC Student Number for ECE Collaborative Students

Library Barcode and Barcode Number is used at the Library. Scan the barcode when checking out books or type in the barcode number to access the Library's online services.

Magnetic Strip stores information allowing the OneCard to make transactions and/or to validate your student status on campus.  Swipe this part of the card at transaction terminals to make purchases at food outlets, vending machines, campus stores and copiers. With an active membership, this strip also grants access to the Ryerson's Athletic facilities.

Hotstamp Number is the OneCard's unique identifier number tied to the RFID Chip / Antenna.  No two cards have the same number.  Provide this number along with your student information to your Department Authorized Staff for Security Access related programming or issues.

RFID Chip / Antenna is embedded within the OneCard. When programmed, this technology allows access to secured buildings, classes and/or labs. Hold the card against an access reader for 5-10 seconds and wait for two green flashes.  The second green flash will indicate that access has been granted and the door should be unlocked momentarily.

Note: Programming of this feature is requested by your Department Authorized Staff