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What is a CashCard

For temporary needs such as photocopying for visiting patrons or if you’ve left your card at home, a non-ID CashCard may be your solution. CashCards are available for purchase from any Add Cash/PHIL machine on campus, or by visiting the OneCard Office during business hours. The initial purchase is a minimum of $5.00. A $1.00 is deducted for the cost of the card and the remaining amount is loaded on the card for spending. At PHIL Machines, remember to insert the card back into the card reader to load this balance.

Once you have a CashCard you can continue to add funds. Keep in mind that these non-ID cards are not personalized and can be used by anyone, so be sure to make a note of the account number on the receipt when you get the card.


Using your CashCard

CashCard funds can be used anywhere on campus that accepts Ryerson OneCard.

  • Food Locations
  • Vending Machines
  • Campus Stores
  • Photocopying
  • Laser Printing*

*To print using your CashCard visit CCS Labs and Printing for instructions to associate the card. Note: You must have an active Ryerson Login to associate a CashCard for Laser Printing services.*