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Adding funds


At the Office (business hours)

Jorgenson Hall Room JOR02 , 380 Victoria St.
Accepted: Cash, Interac, Visa, Mastercard, Amex


Via Phone (business hours)

416-979-5000 x7565
Accepted: Visa, Mastercard, Amex

*please have the student number ready


Add Cash PHIL Machines 24/7 

You can add value by swiping your card at any of the 15 cash machines on campus. The machine accepts $5, $10, and $20 dollar bills.



Benefits of Adding Funds

  • easy and convenient way to have funds available
  • no need to carry cash
  • no fees
  • transactions can be tracked by the cardholder
  • balances are refundable*
  • if the card is lost or stolen, once the card is deactivated all funds are protected.
  • receive bonus dollars when purchasing a non-residence commuter meal plan
  • for parents, OneCard funds cannot be used to purchase alcohol

*refund policy does not apply to Residence Meal Plans


Account information

Account Balance Check

  • Card readers on campus
    When making a transaction insert your card into the electronic card readers at each point of sale: laser printer, photocopier, microfiche. The card reader will display the present balance in your account, deduct the purchase, and display the remaining balance in your account.
  • Food Service cash registers
    Attended cash registers can print a receipt showing your card balance upon request.
  • Rmobile App
    Login OneCard balance and view recent transactions via the Rmobile App found at  Available on any Wifi enabled device or web-enabled smart phone.
  • PHIL Machine
    Follow the on screen prompts to display/print your balance. Watch the tutorial below.

Account Statements - At the Office 
If you require a statement of your account activities, visit the OneCard office and request a printed copy of current activities on your account. Information concerning Ryerson OneCard transactions can only be released to the cardholder.