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Eggy Protecting card


Proper Care of your Card

Your Ryerson OneCard is your single most important piece of identification while at Ryerson University so treat it carefully.

  • Don't bend the card. Card readers cannot read bent or cracked cards reliably. Bent or cracked cards should be exchanged at the Ryerson OneCard Office
  • Don't wash, scratch or write on your card
  • Do not punch a hole in your card, this could damage your card and result in a $35 replacement card charge
  • Keep it away from magnetic fields, keys or plastic 
  • Do not lend it out to others. You are responsible for any unauthorized transactions
  • Lost or Stolen cards need to be reported immediately to protect yourself against unauthorized use, please refer to the section on Lost or Stolen cards for more information


Replacement Costs

  • Ryerson Staff and Students $35.00
  • George Brown at Ryerson $35.00
    (GBC Authorization Form required)
  • CE Students $20.00
  • CE iClass Upgrade $15.00
  • iClass Community Member Card $35.00
  • non-iClass Community Member Card $20.00
  • Nursing Badge $20.00
    (Department Authorization required)
  • Photo/Name Change $10.00
  • Non-ID Cash Cards $1.00


Be sure to search thoroughly for your lost card before determining it needs to be replaced. Please note there are NO REFUNDS FOR REPLACEMENT CARDS. When a replacement OneCard is issued, all previous cards are deemed cancelled and cannot be reactivated for any reason.