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Likely Causes


Security card access - newly given access is not working yet During September, there is a delay between getting access thru your school and activation on the actual card (sometimes up to 2 weeks) Check with your school for temporary access
Security card access - has worked before

Expired access
Defective reader
Card has been damaged/broken


1) Check with your school administrator to determine if your access has expired

2) If not, bring card to OneCard office

Library - card not working Barcode related Report it to the Library circulation desk or call 416-979-5055
Vending machine - took money Machine error 1) See duty manager at any of the food service locations and fill out refund form

2) If closed, return during open hours
Add Cash machine - won't read card Activation/expiration related 1) Phone or email OneCard OR

2) Bring concerns to the OneCard office
Photocopy machines Jams/bad photocopies 1) See duty manager at any of the print service locations OR

2) visit the OneCard office
Laser Printing machines

Machine error

Card Association issue with Account -- print system does not show balance that is on the card 

1) Phone CCS helpdesk x6806 OR

2) Visit laser copy attendant on duty Library 2nd Floor, Ted Rogers 9th Floor, KHW71

3) If form is needed, fill out and bring to the OneCard office



The OneCard is a multi-purpose card which means problems may have different causes. Outlined on this page is a quick guide for resolving some of the most common problems.

You can always come into the OneCard office at any time during business hours and we will investigate the problem in person.

We are working to improve services both on our site and at our office. Send us your comments and suggestions.