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Clown was presented live December 11th, and was available for recorded viewing until December 20th.

Directed by Leah Cherniak

Featuring the 3rd Year Acting Class

The 3rd Year Acting class presented their clown routines earlier in the term to a limited school audience; these recordings are now available to the public for all to enjoy.

Together we navigated the translation of a physical theatre style that depends on an audience willing to participate with the a virtual world of screens and small faces, with laughter, pleasure, and sweetness.

Leah Cherniak, Director

Leah Cherniak, Director

Leah Cherniak wears a red beret and smiles gently.

Leah Cherniak is a Director, Teacher and Actor based in Toronto. She is a Co-Founder with Martha Ross of Theatre Columbus (now Common Boots Theatre) in Toronto. The company created over 30 new and devised plays with an excellent reputation for innovative productions of classics. 

Leah directed and co-created most of the company‚Äôs repertoire,  including: The Anger in Ernest and Ernestine: Gynty (an adaptation of  Peer Gynt); Twelfth Night: The Betrayal: Hotel Loopy; Dance of the Red  Skirts; And Up They Flew (by Martha Ross) She created and performed  the role of Jelly in The Attic, The Pearls and 3 Fine Girls. Leah has  directed for theatres across Canada, including National Arts Centre,  Tarragon, Blyth Theatre Festival among many others. 

Leah was a Resident Artist with Soulpepper for 8 years and was the  Associate Director of the Soulpepper Academy. She performed in  several shows for the company including as a chicken and a cow in  Animal Farm, adapted by Anthony MacMahon, directed by Ravi Jain  

and as one of the Three Fates in Wedding at Aulis adapted by Sina  Galani, directed by Alan Dilworth. Last year she co-created and co-di rected Here are the Fragments, an interactive theatre installation at  The Theatre Centre by Suvendrini Lena. 

Leah has been teaching Clown at Ryerson for twenty years and also  teaches Directing at The University of Toronto.

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