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Dances was presented live December 9th, and was available for recorded viewing until December 20th.

this is where I find myself today by Andrea Nann, in collaboration with the third year dancers, videographer Henry Mak, and composer Joshua ‘Classic Roots’ DePerry.

CHANGE by Aria Evans, featuring second year dancers

Just Before Dawn by Michaëla St-Pierre and Valérie Herdes, featuring first year dancers

Dances 2020 is a celebration of work created virtually by the first, second and third year dancers from the Ryerson School of Performance under the direction of guest artists, Andrea Nann, Aria Evans, Michaëla St-Pierre and Valérie Herdes.  This unique virtual creative process culminates in three beautifully intimate, short dance films.

This is Where I Find Myself Today was created in the Fall of 2020 and exists as an unassuming collective record of discrete experiences captured by the individual dancers... - within various spaces, places and states of being - during a time when remote collaboration offers distance for observing, and opportunity for self discovering and interrelating in unexpected ways

Andrea Nann

Half abstract, layered collage and half dance film, each dancer was asked to bring and express themselves. CHANGE is a portrait of a moment in time where 28 artists worked across distance to come together to participate in something reflective of the current state of the world. The dancers filmed their own footage and choreographed their own movement.

Aria Evans

Just Before Dawn is a visual journey through the last nine-or-so months of our collective experience. There is darkness, confusion, anxiety, depression and loss of purpose, but also growth and hope, fresh air, and room to breathe...We guided the creative process, but ultimately we ran with the idea of having little control over the final product.

Michaëla St-Pierre and Valérie Herdes

Artistic Team

this is where I find myself today - Third Year Project

CHANGE - Second Year Project

Just Before Dawn - First Year Project

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Stay Tuned for the Forth Year Dance Project

The forth year dancers have been hard at work all term developping a new choreographic piece with Justine A. Chambers. More information about the presentation of this work will be announced in early 2021. Stay tuned!