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Love and Information

Love and Informations premiered live on December 12th with a talkback following the performance (recording below). Repeat love screenings aired December 16th and 18th.

Love and Information, a play by Caryl Churchill

Directed by Dustin Wills
Featuring the 4th Year Acting Class


Love and Information consists of seven sections, focusing on themes of memory, consequences, and perspective. Ryerson School of Performance’s 4th Year Acting Class worked together to come up with the characters, setting, and plotline before working with director Dustin Willis to dig deeper into the scenes. The performance will be followed by a live talk-back featuring the director, cast, and select crew members.

I had this dream last night, I was in a garden and there were blackberries, big bushes of brambles, I was picking them and a butterfly flew across…but then the whole thing was a dance and I was at the ballet.

Love and Information

Someone shares a secret, now another hears the voice of God, now a husband cannot recognize his wife, now a man puts a hedgehog in the microwave. Love and Information behaves like a kaleidoscope: vivid sundry bits fold and crash over themselves creating newer and newer impressions before the previous ones resolve. As written, it is a text divided into seven sections without stage directions, linear time, setting suggestions, or even character assignments. It is merely information in need of love. The Ryerson School of Performance’s 4th Year Acting Class worked together with director Dustin Wills to explore themes of memory, consequence, perspective, and the relationship between love and information; utilizing every imaginative tool to fully realize the myriad scenarios and develop over 100 different characters. The performance will be followed by a live talk-back featuring the director, cast, and select crew members.

“’s impossible for information to be neutral the moment it gets into a human head. It starts to create feelings.” - James MacDonald, longtime collaborator of Caryl Churchill

Dustin Wills, Director

Dustin Willis' Headshot

Dustin Wills is a New York-based theatre and opera director. Upcoming: A Boy’s Company Presents: Tell Me If I’m Hurting You by Jeremy O. Harris (Playwrights Horizons) and Wolf Play by Hansol Jung (Soho Rep). Recent theatre: Mikhail Bulgakov’s Black Snow (Juilliard),  Phillip Howze’s Frontières Sans Frontières (Bushwick Starr—Top Ten Theatrical Productions of 2017 by New York Magazine), Will Arbery's Evanston Salt Costs Climbing (New Neighborhood) and Plano (paper chairs), Basil Kreimendahl’s Orange Julius (Rattlestick and Page 73), Casey Llewellyn’s O, Earth (Foundry Theatre), and a Baryshnikov Arts Center Residency for AWFUL EVENT! a new musical with Kate Tarker and Dan Schlosberg. Recent opera: Mozart's Die Zauberflöte and Stravinsky’s Le Rossignol (Yale Opera), Francesco Cavalli’s L’Egisto and Xerse (Yale Baroque Opera), and ongoing work on an operatic adaptation of Federico García Lorca's surrealist play Once Five Years Pass (Williamstown Theatre Festival). He has devised new works with Teatro L'Arciliuto in Rome, Italy, created large-scale community puppetry pageants with Creative Action, is a two-time Princess Grace Award recipient, a Drama League and Boris Sagal directing fellow, and for a couple of years gave rogue tours of the Vatican. MFA: Yale School of Drama.

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