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Richard III

On a black backround, a geometric graphic of a skull wears a gold crown as a spider crawls out of the eye socket

Richard III, a live radio play

Rehearsed with Tim Welham

December 2nd, 3rd and 4th, live at 7:00pm EST

Photo of acting students performing on stage

In their annual Shakespeare study, the second year Ryerson School of Performance acting class takes on Shakespeare’s Richard III. Working with text coach and School of Performance contract lecturer Tim Welham, students focus on the language and story to portray the work as a radio play.

Why strew'st thou sugar on that bottled spider, Whose deadly web ensnareth thee about?

Shakespeare, Richard III, Act 1, Scene 3

A story about love, lust, power, survival, adventure, and betrayal, Richard III depicts the bloody and chaotic events that ended the Wars of the Roses and ushered in the Tudor era. For us in 2020, as it did for the Elizabethans, the play warns of the dangers of ambition and unchecked power, and how hate and tyranny divides a nation.

The unique way of presenting this piece as a radio play allows the audience to connect to the story through the imagination. By listening to the dialogue, music and sound effects, the audience is invited to visualize the characters and world of the play.