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Choreographic Film Festival

Produced by Louis Laberge-Côté and Vicki St. Denys
In collaboration with Drew Berry, Francesca Chudnoff, and Jeremy Mimnagh

April 19 - 21, 2021 at 7:00 pm EST

A live streaming event over three evenings featuring 106 short films created by aspiring dance filmmakers from all four years of the Performance Dance Program.

Message from the Producers of Choreographic Film Festival 2021

Thank you for joining us for the very first Choreographic Film Festival!  We are proud to present 106 short films created by aspiring dance filmmakers from all four years of the Performance Dance Program.  

Throughout the Winter semester our dancers would normally be performing live in at least one of our three dance productions.  However, like many others in the performing arts world, we have embraced new creative mediums and modes in order to continue to explore, create and share our work with the public.  

Each of the three evenings will feature a group of approximately 35 films edited together into a seamless 90-minute presentation by one of our exceptional guest artists and professional filmmakers: Drew Berry, Francesca Chudnoff and Jeremy Mimnagh. 

The dancers were given complete artistic freedom regarding the content and aesthetics of their work - conceiving, choreographing, filming and editing their films.  They were asked to adhere to only a few parameters, including a maximum duration for their projects and the understanding that they could not create work with other performers in-person unless they were living together as roommates.  

We are most grateful to the film mentors for so generously sharing their expertise with our students over the past several weeks, guiding them through this important process of discovery especially during these most challenging times. The resilience and beauty of these young dance artists is incredibly inspiring, and we are delighted to showcase their talent here, helping to remind us all about the power of movement and creativity.  

On behalf of the Performance Dance program, we would like to acknowledge and thank the students, faculty and staff in the Performance Production program for their hard work and dedication - without them this production would not be possible.  

Special thanks to Caroline O’Brien, Chair of the School of Performance and Dean of the Faculty of Communication and Design (FCAD), Charles Falzon, for their ongoing support.

We hope you enjoy the 2021 Choreographic Film Festival! 

     Vicki St. Denys, Director, Performance Dance Program 
     Louis Laberge-Côté, Assistant Professor, Performance Dance

Dance Filmmaker Mentors