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New Voices Gala

 A virtual capstone celebration, featuring a curated selection of original student work.

The New Voices Gala is an evening of conversations, interviews, teasers, trailers and commentaries from the creators and their collaborators about their original films and productions. Meet the artists and get a personal sneak peak into the 'making of'.

All New Voices Festival videos will premiere April 23, 2021, following the Gala.

The New Voices Gala will feature:

The Masterclass 
Interviewer: Kiara-Kumail
Speaker: Kyle Claeys (Creator)

Interviewer: Michael Wamara
Speakers: Shanti Harris (Director/Playwright), Laith Al-Kinani (Actor), Ora Burns (Actor), Matthew Dejanovic (Producer/Editor)

Barbarism Begins at Home
Interviewer: Kiara-Kumail
Speaker: Jack Giffin (Writer/Director)

The Iraqi Family Cooking Show
Interviewer: Fahed Altaji
Speakers: Laith Al-Kinani (Creator), Luma Al-Tamimi  

New Voices, a festival of original work by the Ryerson School of Performance Acting graduates, now in its 17th year, has always adapted to the varied and innovative needs of its productions. New Voices 2021 continues this tradition by celebrating this capstone work with live virtual performances, films, readings, a website, music and more.

Clara McBride, Producer of New Voices


drawing of a hand with bloody knuckles, holding a cigarette. Text reads "Barbarism Begins at Home, a film by Jack Giffen"

Writen and Directed by Jack Giffen
Produced by Geneviève Sylvain

Created by Laith Al-Kanani
Produced by Mark Talman

Writen and Directed by Shanti Harris
Produced by Matt Dejanovic and Michael Wamara

a fire in a doorway of a log building. Above the door the word Lucy appears, as if on an exit sign.

Written, Produced & Directed by Quinlan Shearer
Created with Jaedon LaValley and the cast

Created by Kyle Claeys

Produced and Directed by Angela Marriott
Music Directed by Holly Scott-Black
Created by the Drama Kids Ensemble