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New Voices Live

The New Voices Festival

A curated selection of original student work.

New Voices LIVE

March 5th and 6th, 2021

Two nights premiering original theatre - live online!

New Voices GALA

April 23rd, 2021

An evening of capstone celebration.

New Voices, a festival of original work by the Ryerson School of Performance Acting graduates, now in its 17th year, has always adapted to the varied and innovative needs of its productions. New Voices 2021 continues this tradition by celebrating this capstone work with live virtual performances, films, readings, a website, music and more.

Clara McBride, Producer of New Voices


What Now

A live online performance

Produced and Directed by Angela Marriott
Created by the Drama Kids Ensemble (Tavaree Daniel-Simms, Alexa Mastrogiacomo, Angela Marriott, Anna Kopacek, Eric Pinkerton, & Holly Scott-Black)
Music Directed by Holly Scott-Black

Three individuals wade through the frustrations of success and failure, seeking a higher promise of fulfillment. But, what is really necessary to get there?

Learn about the creative process of What Now.

What Now will be presented live on March 5 and 6 at 8pm EST. 

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a fire in a doorway of a log building. Above the door the word Lucy appears, as if on an exit sign.
A live online play in 2 parts, with moderated audience feedback sessions

Written, Produced and Directed by Quinlan Shearer
Created with Jaedon LaValley and the cast (Desmond Lazar, Breanne Tice, Jacob Willis, Hanna Mulak, Steven Hao, Ethan Zuchkan, Taylor Cranston, Katarina Fiallos)

What happens when you die? LUCY is a play that explores this. Through character relationships and personal struggles with addiction we follow a group of friends at a cabin, trying to escape the responsibilities waiting for them at home. But this weekend won’t be as calm as they expect.

Learn about the creative process of LUCY.

Part 1 of LUCY will be presented live on March 5 at 9pm EST.
Part 2 of LUCY will be presented live on March 6 at 9pm EST.

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Stay tuned for more information about the New Voices GALA