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rabbit hole

Presented live, online April 15 - 17 at 7:00pm. Featuring the fourth year Acting class.

rabbit hole is a deep dive into the world of streaming culture, cancel and apology culture, voyeurism and social capital. Follow a trail of gaming, IRL and music streamers down an endless pursuit of meaning, authenticity and grace in a world virtually defined by their very absence.

The nature of the Bespoke process, which is what we call the work we do with theatre schools, is fast and furious. What else could be expected of a process designed to capture the voices of our youth and confronting the most immediate issues facing them today.

Nina Lee Aquino, Director

My research for this play led me to the conclusion that, while life doesn’t happen online, a certain version of it does. There is a dimension of reality that is entirely authentic to those living inside of it, but it has no mass in the physical world. No weight, volume or substance. Yet it feeds off the physical world to sustain itself, creates analogues of world events, social strata, philosophies, and these alternates make up its fundamental engine.

David Yee, Playwright
I’m not going to be a passive observer anymore, I’m not going to watch. I’m going to create.
-Scout, rabbit hole
I see woke people.
-Dixon, rabbit hole
Have some sympathy for the Devil. And question your Gods.
-Paul, rabbit hole


Cameron Reeve Barclay Shia
Kyle Claeys Mondo
Taylor Cranston Bluebell
Geneviéve Sylvian Ducky
Laith Al-Kinani Hamza
Michael Wamara Ali
Ethan Keyes Snipe
Tarique Lewis Dixon
Ora Burns Ruby
Madelin Dawson Daisy
Quinlan Shearer Pastor
Daniel Chin Paul
Matt Dejanovic Penniless
Jack Giffin JK
Shanti Harris CHQNLIL
Angela Marriott Sunshine
Marisa McDonald Karen
Eric Pinkerton Twig
Mark Talman Scout
Breanne Tice Quirky Beats

This play includes, but is not limited to:

Explicit language; images, prospects and actions related to homicide; injurious language regarding CBC Gem; blood; mascara reviews; mortal wounds; the discussion; usage and enjoyment of Class A narcotics; stalkers; online aggression and harassment; dancing; languages other than English; cats; bullying; cats who have been bullied; reference to suicide notes; ten dollar words; the music of Post Malone; alien racism; flashing lights; dead dogs; 19th century philosophy; love stories; cultural and religious appropriation; questionable ethics; questions about ethics; ethics; easter eggs; mortality; multiple references to K-Pop; the healing power of crystals; the interrogation of intention versus action; some phobias; some isms; apologies; performative allyship; a rather long-winded story about Norse mythology… and The Lone Ranger’s horse.

David Yee


David Yee is a mixed race (half Chinese, half Scottish) playwright and actor, born and raised in Toronto. He is the co-founding Artistic Director of fu-GEN Theatre Company, Canada’s premiere professional Asian Canadian theatre company. A Dora Mavor Moore Award nominated actor and playwright, his work has been produced internationally and at home. He is a two-time Governor General’s Literary Award nominee for his plays lady in the red dress and carried away on the crest of a wave, which won the award in 2015 along with the Carol Bolt Award in 2013. He has worked extensively in the Asian Canadian community as an artist and an advocate.

Nina Lee Aquino stands with hands in her pockets. She smiles softly
Nina Lee Aquino


With a string of firsts in Asian Canadian theatre, Nina Lee Aquino was the founding Artistic Director of fu-GEN Asian Canadian theatre company, organized the first Asian Canadian theatre conference, edited the first (2-volume) Asian Canadian play anthology, and co-edited the first (award-winning) book on Asian Canadian theatre.

She became Artistic Director of Cahoots Theatre, currently holds the same position at Factory Theatre and is President of the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres.

She has directed world premières and revivals at theatres across the country and has won the Ken McDougall Award, the John Hirsch Prize, and three Dora Awards for Outstanding Direction. Nina has also been awarded the Filipino of Distinction Award in Theatrical Arts and Entertainment and is an honorary member of the Canadian Association for Theatre Research.

Nina has lectured, taught and directed innovative projects at educational institutions such as Humber College, University of Guelph, University of Toronto Mississauga Sheridan, and the National Theatre School. She was recently appointed Adjunct Professor at York University’s Department of Theatre. Her leadership has extended into mentoring theatre students and emerging artists, and was the 2019 winner of the Toronto Arts Foundation’s Margo Bindhart and Rita Davies Cultural Leadership Award.