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Contract Lecturers

Arsenio Andrade

Afro-Cuban Dance

Ella Batten

Audience Relations


Lauren Cook

Western Dance Styles and Contemporary Street Styles

Fanny Ghorayeb

Musical Theatre for Acting/Dance Minors

Kate Hilliard
  • Contemporary Dance
  • Creative Performance Studies
Allen Kaeja

Dance Film - Performing Arts in the Media

Alyssa Martin
  • Jazz Dance for Actors
  • Musical Theatre for Acting/Dance Minors 
Alysia Myette

Fashion Design, Costume

Tim Welham


Chris Wilson's headshot
Dr. Chris Wilson
  • Popular Music
  • Ethnomusicology
Kelly Arnsby

Movement and Dance for Actors

Samantha Booker
  • Anatomy of Movement
  • Dance Injuries
Philippa Domville

Movement for Actors

Robert Glumbek

Modern Dance

Peter Holland

Entertainment Rigging

Clara McBride
  • Creative Performance Studies
  • New Voices Festival
Laura Nordin

Acting on Camera

Empty chair
Crystal Salverda
  • Advanced Stage Management 
  • Tour Management
Cary West

Improvisation for Acting/Dance Minors


Christine Balt

Human Development in the Arts

Amy Bowring

Dance History

Brian Dudkiewicz

Scenic Design

Lourdes Hernandez



Peggy Jane Hope

Voice and Speech

Josue Laboucane

Character Mask

Marianne McIsaac
  • Scene Study
  • Professional Preparation
  • Audition Technique
  • Monologue Coaching
  • Acting For Dancers 
Emily Porter

Live Sound

Janet Sellery

Theatre Health & Safety

Jennifer Wigmore

Foundations of Acting - Zone of Silence

Rick Banville


Production Management

Allen Cole

Singing for Performers

Rachel Forbes

Set Design

Jonathan Higgins

Acting for Film and Television

Raha Javanfar

Lighting Design

Ruth Madoc-Jones

Creative Performance Studies

Paul Moody
  • Singing for Actors and Dancer
  • Musical Theatre for Acting/Dance Minors
Marianna Rosato

Stage Management for Dance

Steve Wilsher

Stage Combat