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Students Explore Climate Crisis Through Independently Produced Dance Performance

March 05, 2020

Photo by Benjamin Lappalainen

To Be Determined was a student produced, performed and executed full-length dance performance by students of the Ryerson School of Performance. It was an artistic and physical exploration of the expansiveness of the natural world, and the decline of these environments as a result of human activity.

The Production was Co-Produced by Production students Emerson Kafarowski and Diego Varela, in collaboration with The Ontario Clean Air Alliance, external link, opens in new window, Ryerson University's Environement and Urban Sustainability Students' Association, external link, opens in new window, and The School of Performance.

Producer's Note

When future generations look back at this period in history, what will they think of us? Will there still be people to think at all? We have entered a time in which it is becoming increasingly important for us to reexamine our relationship with the place we call home; humankind must decide whether our planet and its inhabitants were made for humans to conquer or to live alongside peacefully.

Today, we find ourselves in a new age of technology: The internet, social media platforms, and news outlets are allowing current global events to become accessible with the click of a button. It is, unfortunately, no secret that the acceleration of global warming and climate change is directly correlated to human activity and industrial advancements. While the real-world consequences of environmental neglect are at the forefront of our newsfeeds, we can also see the possibility of revolution: Ideas about climate change awareness and environmental sustainability are reaching people in a way they never could have decades ago, inspiring a shift towards eco-friendly and sustainable practices and lifestyles. Voices advocating for our planet are being heard, and people are starting to listen. However, in order to ensure not only our survival, but the survival of the planet and the other living beings that inhabit it, we must challenge ourselves to reevaluate the way we perceive and consume the earth’s resources.