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Production + Design

Hear about current students' experience of a rehearsal process via distance learning! Visit the Production Panel webpage, to watch a recorded conversation with students who worked as costume designers, video operators and stage managers on the Fall 2020 Online Showcase Festival.


The Creative School

Program Format

Full Time: Four Years

Degree Earned

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Unique in Canada for its conservatory-style training, the Production + Design program studies the entertainment industry from both design and technical perspectives. 

A four year BFA program in the School of Performance, Performance Production + Design prides itself on the breadth and depth of offerings in Production Management, Creative technologies and Design Applications for live performance and entertainment. The programme provides students with leadership skills to develop, produce and manage theatre, dance, music and a wide range of live production as well as training in costume and scenery, lighting, projection, audio and more. Housed in the centre of the entertainment district in Toronto, the programme prepares graduates to work in design and production of large corporate events, live concert events and innumerable theatrical and dance settings. Post-Graduate programmes in Design, Business and Arts Administration can offer expanded opportunities.

Admission Information

What We Offer

 Build A Strong Foundation of Understanding

The first two years will expose students to all behind-the-scenes departments including lighting, sound, costume, and scenery

 Experiential Learning

Put theory into practice as you bring to life the School of Performance's annual season of shows and events in a variety of venues

Develop A Toolkit of Skills

Training in production and stage management, technical direction, workplace health and safety, scheduling, staffing, budgeting, artist/audience relations, and promotion

Related Studies

Expand on your training with a rich exposure to performing arts history in Canada and beyond with courses that integrate current live performances across the city of Toronto.  

 Hone Your Craft

Upper year courses allow students to specialize in their preferred areas as well as choose to complete a semester of outreach, working professionally in the industry, or conduct an independent research project under the guidance of a professional mentor

Professional Connections

Work with internationally acclaimed guest artists, directors, designers, and professional companies

Core Curriculum

For more information on additional required courses please see Ryerson's Course Calendar

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
Elements of Production I Landmarks in Canadian Theatre Conceiving the Production Production Technique VII
Elements of Production II Landmarks of Choreographic Development Musicology Production Technique VIII
Timelines of Performance History I Production Communication II Production Technique V Independent Study
Timelines of Performance History II Research Methods Production Technique VI  
Production Technique I Production Technique III    
Production Technique II Production Technique IV    
Design Communication I Design Communication III    
Design Communication II