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The Gull

By Anton Chekhov

A new version by Cole Lewis
Featuring members of the fourth year Acting class

On a hot and humid day in a DIY theatre by a forest, Kostya’s experimental movie is shared, altering everyone’s lives forever.

Chekhov’s thoughtful reflection on how the old attempt to crush the artistic vision of the young is both comic and tragic; and marks the need for new voices to build new futures.

Friday, Nov 19, 7pm
Saturday, Nov 20, 7pm

Adapted and Directed by Cole Lewis whose stage plays include 1991, Virginia Wolf, these violent delights, Moderato Cantible, Antigonick (Anne Carson), Cardboard Piano (Hansol Jung), and The Visit (Friedrich Durrenmatt). 

This performance includes but is not limited to: consensual sexual violence/BDSM, sex, mental health, violent imagery, self-harm, suicide ideation, sexism, systemic racism, racism, talk of dysphoria, body image and appearance

For additional resources on some of these issues, please follow this link, external link