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By Eva Barrie
Directed by Lisa Karen Cox

With cultural consultation from 郝邦宇(Steven) Hao, Jenn Tan 陳佳琦 (from cast), Annasofie 诗慧 Jakobsen and Sabrina 美玲 Pye

Featuring members of the fourth year Acting class

According to Bianca, all is well in Padua... except for her sister: Kate, the Shrew. Forbidden to marry until her sister does, Bianca does everything she can to marry Kate off. When she succeeds, the freedom she expected to feel doesn’t appear, and instead Bianca challenges the town’s quaint complicity.

From the playwright, Eva Barrie

I think a lot about the stories ingrained in our bodies. Whether from the canon, or a scroll through DisneyPlus, or our family and personal stories. Every thought shapes us. Every thought makes us. The thoughts we grew up with become very accustom to our body: they know the ways in, and understand the flow of our veins. They have an express route to us. New thoughts, however, take time. They hold a map just outside our skin, looking for an entrance. Sometimes these new thoughts make it in: they burrow beneath our skin, slide into our veins, and flow the opposite direction than the way our blood has always flowed. It can be quite uncomfortable. Thankfully, it’s very easy to keep out new thoughts.  

This play has been supported by Shakespeare in the Ruff, the Ontario Arts Council, Factory Theatre’s Natural Resources Program as well as their Bedrock Creator’s Initiative, and a commission through Tarragon Theatre. It truly takes a village to make a play, and I am grateful to the outstanding minds at X University for joining that village. 

Friday, Nov 26, 7pm
Saturday, Nov 27, 7pm

Avaialble for ondemand viewing the following week.

This script and performance includes but is not limited to: sex, abuse, violence and violent imagery. They also include misogyny, misogynoire, sexism, racism, internalized oppression, microaggressions, macroaggressions and performativity. This is not done gratuitously, but to reflect the lived experience of members of our community. We challenge you to see yourself and those around you.

For additional resources on some of these issues, please follow this link, external link

Eva Barrie


Originally from Okotoks, Alberta, Eva Barrie is a Dora Award-winning actor, director, and creator. Ruff. She has been the playwright in residence at Theatrefront, in the Factory Theatre Natural Resources creation group as well as their Bedrock Creator’s Initiative, and her work has been commissioned by Tarragon Theatre. Her writing has been supported by Fu-GEN Theatre, Tarragon Theatre, The Theatre Centre, Theatre Smith-Gilmour, Theatre Gargantua, DaPoPo Theatre, Shakespeare in the Ruff, Theatrefront, Factory Theatre, the Toronto Arts Council, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Canada Council for the Arts. She is a graduate of X University.