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Department of Philosophy
Boris Henning

Boris Hennig (On Sabbatical in Fall 2020)


Associate Professor


Habilitationsschrift on Aristotle's Four Causes (Leipzig, 2010); Ph.D. thesis on "Conscientia" in Descartes (Leipzig, 2004).




416-979-5000 ext. 7186

Email Address:

Research Interests:

Self-knowledge and alienation; universals and predication; teleology, classification, and causation; Ancient, medieval, early modern, and contemporary philosophy.

[Letter to Prospective Graduate Students]

Selected Publications & Presentations:

"Lichtenberg's Point". Grazer Philosophische Studien, forthcoming.

"The Man Without Properties." Synthese 194 (6), 2017, 1989-2006.

"Instance is the Converse of Aspect." Australasian Journal of Philosophy 93(1), 2015, 3-20.

"Kants Modell kausaler Verhältnisse." Kant Studien 102 (3), 2011, 367-384.

"The Four Causes." The Journal of Philosophy 106 (3), 2009, 137-60.

"Cartesian Conscientia." British Journal for the History of Philosophy 15 (3), 2007, 455-484.