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Department of Philosophy

Antoine Panaioti


Assistant Professor


B.A. First Honours (McGill University, 2006); M.Phil (University of Cambridge, 2007); Ph.D (University of Cambridge, 2011).




416-979-5000 ext 6568

Email Address:

Research Interests:

Classical Indian Philosophy; Nietzsche; Selfhood; Cross-Cultural Philosophy & Science; Philosophy of Cognitive Science; Metaphilosophy
[Letter to Prospective Graduate Students]

Selected Publications & Presentations:


Nietzsche and Buddhist Philosophy
, Cambridge University Press (2013)
    (Portugese Translation with Cultrix Press, 2017)


"Nietzsche as Metaphilosopher" in Paul Loeb & Matthew Meyer (eds.), Nietzsche's Metaphilosophy: The Nature, Methods, and Aim of Philosophy. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press (forthcoming).
"Comparative Religion in The Antichrist: Pastiche, Subversion, Cultural Intervention" in D. Conway (ed.), Critical Guide to the Antichrist. London: Bloomsbury Academic (forthcoming)
“Mindfulness and Personal Identity in the Western Cultural Context: A Plea for Greater Cosmopolitanism,” Journal of Transcultural Psychiatry 52(1), pp. 501–523 (2015)
«Nietzsche contra Bouddha: du nihilisme à la grande santé» in M. Béland (ed.), Lectures nietzschéennes. Sources et réceptions de Nietzsche. Montréal: Presses Universitaires de l’Université de Montréal, pp. 65–92 (2015)
“Are Freedom from Suffering and Boundless Compassion Contradictory Ideals? A Critical Examination of Buddhist Moral Psychology,” ARC: McGill Journal of Religious Studies 42, pp. 1–25 (2014)
“Anātmatā, Moral Psychology, and Soteriology in Indian Buddhism” in N. Mirning, P.-D. Szanto, and M. Williams (eds.), Puṣpikā: Tracing Ancient India through Text and Traditions. Contributions to Current Research in Indology. Volume I. Oxford: Oxbow Books Press, pp. 365–379 (2013)

Book Reviews
What A Philosopher Is, by Laurence Lampert (Chicago UP, 2017), forthcoming in Mind.
Contesting Nietzsche, by Christa Davis Acampora, Mind 123 (493), pp. 295–301 (2015).
«Kulturkritik et philosophie thérapeutique chez le jeune Nietzsche, de Martine Béland», Philosophiques 40(1), pp. 248–252 (2014).
The Bodhisattva’s Brain: Buddhism Naturalized, by Owen Flanagan,” Mind 121(482), pp. 485–490 (2012).


Work in Progress
Nietzsche as Metaphilosopher (monograph)
"The Substance-self: Illusion, Delusion, or Philosophers' Invention?"
"Three Buddhist distinctions of some consequence for the philosophy of personal identity"
"Was Nietzsche really a political Platonist?" 
Recent Presentations
« Nietzsche était-il vraiment un platonicien politique », Congrès annuel du Groupe international de recherches sur Nietzsche, Nice, France (June 25, 2018).
"Nietzsche on the philosopher as legislator: Contesting Plato," Nietzsche and Politics Workshop, Toronto, ON, Canadan (May 4, 2018)
"Three Buddhist distinctions of some consequence for the philosophy of personal identity," Brock University Philosophy Department Research in Progress Colloquium Series, Saint-Catherines, ON (April 6, 2018).
"Philosophy and Tragedy: Nietzsche's Birth of Tragedy and the Foundations of His Metaphilosophy," Keynote Address at Guelph University Graduate Philosophy Association Conference, Guelph, ON, Canada (March 23, 2018)
"The Substance-Self: Illusion, Delusion, or Philosophers' Invention?", Faculty Keynote Address at the Ryerson Graduate Union Philosophy Conference, Toronto, ON, Canada (March 26, 2018)
"Buddhism and Cognitive Neuroscience: Are we Really Talking about the Same Subject?", McGill University, January 23, 2018.
“Comparative Religion in Nietzsche's Antichrist: Pastiche, Subversion, Confession,” Canadian Society for Continental Philosophy Annual Conference, Ryerson University, Toronto, ON, Canada (Sept. 30 2017).
"La philosophie comme législation : au coeur de la métaphilosophie de Nietzsche," L'atelier Nietzsche au Centre canadien d'études allemandes et européennes, Université de Montréal, Montreal, QC, Canada (Sept. 18 2017).