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Graduation & Beyond

Road to Graduation

As you near the end of your program, graduation will soon be within reach. It's an exciting time, with lots of activity and years of tradition behind it. Find out about key dates, how to apply for graduation, what happens before, during and after the ceremony and more. Find out how convocation works.  

And Beyond...

When you complete an undergraduate degree in Medical Physics from Ryerson University, a number of options open up before you.

Junior Roles in Physics

Our BSc graduates may qualify for entry-level roles in medical physics or other professionally-related fields. Examples include research assistants, lab technologists and safety monitors. Some work for organizations in biomedical technology, bioinformatics, nuclear energy, and disease centres, among others.

Alternate Career Paths

Students may complete their science degree as a foundation for entrance to schools of medicine, dentistry or pharmacy. Others pursue paths in education, communications, management and law.

Advanced Studies in Medical Physics

The medical physics field is highly specialized and often multidisciplinary in nature. Advanced roles often require further training and qualifications.

Post-Graduate Options: Some BSc graduates pursue advanced diplomas or complementary degrees in applied health sciences from organizations such as the Michener Institute.

Many of our alumni continue onto a master’s program in medical physics. Our own graduate-level CAMPEP Medical Physics field provides seamless entry to the clinical medical physicist career path. Some students pursue studies at the PhD level or residency programs in medical physics subspecialties.

Get Started:
Graduate programs in medical physics are usually heavily research based. Students currently enrolled in our undergraduate program should complete the fourth-year thesis to build foundational experience in research. Start exploring available graduate programs and research interests. Talk to professors about their specialty expertise. Learn how graduate funding works. Explore our graduate studies and the Yeates School of Graduate Studies (YSGS) websites. 

Akin Ojo

"I gained valuable work experience on campus — as a science summer camp instructor, physics ambassador, student liaison and promotions officer. Each role helped me discover my passion for science communication and working people, and gave me credibility, connections, and experience to launch into the workforce." – Akin Ojo, BSc '17

Alumni Career Support

The RCCC offers professional development and career support for up to 5-years after you graduate. Check out the services available and connect with one of our dedicated Career Education Specialists for alumni and graduate students.