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Our current projects: 

  • Developing Sustainable Operation Models for Small Drinking Water Systems 
  • Preparing for a Tickpocalypse: A Lyme Disease Preparedness and Response Framework
  • Assessing Climate Change Vulnerabilities of Ontario’s Rural Populations
  • Integrated Approach for Analyzing Climate Change Effects on Non­Community Drinking Water Systems
  • Exploring the Effect of Music in Promoting Health and Well-being of University Students in the COVID-19 Era
  • A Global Perspective on Controlling West Nile Virus: Identifying Efficient and Effective Public Health Strategies 
  • Insights of the Water-Food-Energy Nexus: A Future Direction to Mitigate COVID-19 Shock on Biofuel Provision in Canada
  • The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Mental Health and Well-Being of University Students in Canada
  • The Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic on Food Systems and Security in Canada
  • Experiences of Environmental Public Health Professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic response in Canada
  • Experiences of Case and Contact Management Teams during the COVID-19 pandemic Response in Ontario 

Lab Members: 

Christian Hui (Graduate Student)

Jessica Castellucci (Graduate Student)

Saman Rauf (Graduate Student)

Robyn Haas (Graduate Student)

Aimen Azfar

Daniel Pirrie

Yan (Helena) Zheng

Jennifer Ramos

Sylvia Yu

Juiqi (Monica) Ma

Isabella Taskiran

Geena Verma

Please contact Fatih Sekercioglu to join the Planetary Health Research Lab.

Research Assistant positions are available year-round.