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Politics Graduate Assistantship

PhD Policy Studies, Politics Graduate Assistantship funded by the Department of Politics and Public Administration, Ryerson University. The Department of Politics and Public Administration at Ryerson University is accepting applications for one assistantship to support a PhD student in the PhD Policy Studies program. 

Applicants with a background in public policy, public administration, or political science are encouraged to apply to serve as a Teaching Assistant for one or two Politics undergraduate course/s (two appointments in total - Fall and Winter term). Please review the following list of Politics courses, while referring to the courses’ descriptions -, and identify two or more courses that you could TA for, including your qualifications for such. 

Politics courses with TA assignments:

·       POG100 People, Power and Politics 

·       POG110 Power and Influence in Canadian Politics 

·       POG210 Power and Authority in Canada

·       POG214 Controversial Policy Topics 

·       POG225 Global Governance

·       POG230 Statistics and Social Science

·       POG235 Western Political Thought

·       POG240 Intro to Comparative Politics 

·       POG320 Social Identity and Citizenship

The award is for $21,000 for four years based upon continuing satisfactory performance in the PhD Policy Studies Program and TA service in the Department of Politics and Public Administration. Only candidates admitted to the PhD Program will be considered. 

Eligibility is limited to Canadian citizens or permanent residents. In addition to applying for the Policy Studies PhD program, send a one-page statement of interest and a CV to Applications accepted until position filled.