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You may smile when you read, "Politics is life; everything else is detail," but the focus of our social science is to discover more precise facets of this fundamental truth: to be human is to be political. Whether it is a family, a clan, a community organization, a social movement, an interest group, a nation, a country, or in international affairs, the drama of politics gives expression to human choices and governmental strength.

Our department has been equally focused on exploring "governance" and "public administration" — both broadly speaking.  The reality is that thinking about governance — the interaction and decision-making process of societal actors — is inescapable and must therefore be explored, especially where it has the greatest impact: within civil society and upon government.  Such explorations lead inevitably to considerations of implementation, which is a central focus of both public policy and public administration.

Whether you are a "political animal" or just curious about what gives "power" to some people and not others, Ryerson University's Department of Politics and Public Administration invites you to explore the fascinating worlds of Politics, Governance, Public Policy, and Public Administration and discover why political thinking is a job for all of us.