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External Advisors

Purpose and Mandate

Article 3 of The Ryerson University Act, 1977 legislates the objects of the University (usually referred to as the “Ryerson Mandate”):

Article 3 - The objects of the University are:

  1. The advancement of learning, and the intellectual, social, moral, cultural, spiritual, and physical development of the University's students and employees, and the betterment of society.
  2. The advancement of applied knowledge and research in response to existing and emerging societal needs and in support of the cultural, economic, social, and technological development of Ontario.
  3. The provision of programs of study that provide a balance between theory and application and that prepare students for careers in professional and quasi-professional fields.

The Department of Politics and Public Administration works very closely with a number of external advisors to ensure that the work of the Department, especially the delivery of its academic programs, contributes to the Ryerson Mandate.

The Department of Politics and Public Administration is supported actively by an Advisory Council consisting of prominent administrators and employee representatives drawn from all levels of government, the third sector, academe, organized labour, and from the ranks of program alumni.

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Each of the federal and provincial governments appoints a “Deputy Minister Champion” to provide advice and support to the Department.

Deputy Minister Champion (Federal) Deputy Minister Champion (Provincial)

Ontario Public Service Fellow 2014-2015

Beginning in 2017, the Government of Ontario revised the OPS Fellowship Program, casting it as an "OPS Executive Fellowship program," with a distinct research mission. The holders of the fellowship are assigned to a project, rather than a specific university, university department, or program.

From 2012 t0 2017, Ryerson’s Department of Politics and Public Administration was proud to host one of only three OPS Fellows in the Province. The OPS Fellowship was established in 2003, and Ryerson received its first Fellow in 2012. The program was supported by the Government of Ontario, and provided support for a senior OPS official to spend up to one year in the Department of Politics and Public Administration at Ryerson. During that time, the Fellow worked with our graduate and undergraduate students and raised the profile of the OPS as a centre of public policy excellence. The Fellow usually taught a graduate course, guest lectured in other courses, and worked with graduate students completing Major Research Papers or dissertations, among other activities.

The Department was honoured to host the following Ontario Public Service (OPS) Fellows: 

Public Servant in Residence

Since 2010, the Department of Politics and Public Administration has been honoured to have a Distinguished Public Servant in Residence. In addition to facilitating closer relations with the Ontario Public Service in general, the Distinguished Public Servant in Residence has provided graduate students with wise counsel about their career plans, and for the Case Study competition, and has administered the Field Placement (PA8213) in the Public Policy and Administration MA program.

Joan Andrew was the inaugural Distinguished Public Servant in Residence, serving from May 2010 until Fall 2015.  She was followed by Frank D'Onofrio

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The University may appoint as Professors of Distinction qualified individuals, normally from outside the University, who can make contributions to the University, its students, its research activities, and its academic programs. The Department of Politics and Public Administration is honoured to host or co-host three Professors of Distinction: