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Program Partnerships

Fire Services

An Exceptional Opportunity for Fire Service Professionals to earn a  Certificate (Level I) and an Advanced Certificate (Level II) in Public Administration and Governance, both of which are component elements of the B.A. in Public Administration and Governance.

Although the Memorandum of Understanding  that facilitated the delivery of program courses at the Ontario Fire College in Gravenhurst has been terminated by the OFMEM and the OAFC, Ryerson is committed to delivering, in accessible alternative formats, all of the courses necessary for current students to complete their program(s) of study.

The curriculum and program requirements have been modified specifically for fire service professionals to acquire related knowledge and management skills.

Course renumbering (effective Fall 2011)

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First Nations (FNTI)

Through a groundbreaking partnership between First Nations Technical Institute (FNTI) and Ryerson University, First Nations students are able to earn a Certificate, an Advanced Certificate, and a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and Governance.  Since 1999, courses have been delivered in First Nations Communities across Ontario. Please visit the website of the First Nations Technical Institute for further information on the Public Administration and Governance including certificates and degree information, course descriptions, schedules, and forms.

Course renumbering (effective Fall 2011)

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Penn State Erie (The Behrend College)

A number of Penn State students come to Toronto in alternate years to take a course normally co-taught by Dr. Gregory Inwood (Ryerson) and Dr. Robert Speel (Penn State, Erie; Adjunct, Ryerson). For Ryerson students, the course is POG417 (Canadian-American Relations) and, for Penn State students, the course is PL SC 299/499 (North American Politics).

Also in alternate years, a limited number of Ryerson POG students join Professor Speel and his Penn State students in POG490 (Politics and Government in Washington DC), a course that includes a one-week field trip to the US national capital.   

Further information about the course and the previous Washington trips is available here.

From the 2017 trip, see also the News story, and a blog by Nikita Drakokhrust.