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The Department of Politics and Public Administration takes learning beyond the classroom. In addition to being experienced teachers, our faculty have research expertise in most of the subfields of political science, including: Canadian, Comparative, Global/International, Public Policy and Administration, and Theory.  There is particular expertise in national, provincial, local and Indigenous politics and government; intergovernmental relations; equity and human rights, parties and elections, development and the global south, research methods, and several areas of policy and administration including: organization theory, immigration, health, environment, trade, social, and labour-market policy.

Several faculty members have participated in media fora, worked with public sector organizations and contributed to public inquiries. Many have taught professional development courses at all three levels of government, in the para-public and non-profit sectors, and are actively involved in professionally related associations and social justice organizations.

The Department is, of course, more than just the faculty appointed to it.  Our programs also draw strength from our Contract Lecturers (many of whom have profiles very similar to those of faculty, and some of whom are practitioner-scholars); from Adjunct and Affiliated faculty (from other Ryerson Departments/Schools and from outside Ryerson); and from Visiting Scholars and Post-Doctoral Fellows.  Our outstanding Administrative Staff keep the entire Departmental enterprise on track.