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Pearson, Reg

Pearson, Reg


Ministry of Labour
Assistant Deputy Minister

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Reg Pearson is a senior public servant with the Government of Ontario.  Since 1998, he has held the position of Director of  Dispute Resolution Services, at the Ontario Ministry of Labour and is responsible for Mediation, Arbitration and Collective Bargaining Information Services.  He is responsible for the second largest caseload for conciliation and mediation in North America. He is affiliated to the Yeates School of Graduate Studies at Ryerson University.

Reg initially joined the Ontario Ministry of Labour in 1987 as a Mediator assisting Management and Labour in resolving problems relating to collective bargaining, grievance settlements and relationship building after serving as a full-time representative for the United Food and Commercial Workers. He left the Ministry in 1995 to work for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as a Senior Corporate Industrial and Talent Relations Officer responsible for the negotiation and management of the technical and security bargaining units across Canada.

Currently, Reg is the lead neutral mediator for the Ministry and has been directly involved in the mediation of major agreements in virtually every sector of the province.  This includes municipalities, school boards, universities, colleges, construction, manufacturing, gaming and the public service.  Reg has also provided his expertise in the facilitation of a number of joint training programs, relationship building and joint problem solving techniques in the public and private sectors.

He was elected to the Executive Board and served as President of the Association of Labour Relations Agencies (U.S. and Canada) in 2005.  He served on the Board of Governors of Loyalist College of Applied Arts and Technology and held the position as Chair in 1988.

Reg has represented Canada and Ontario at the ILO in Geneva for discussions on Tier 2 Automotive Parts Suppliers and Automotive Trade Unions in 2005 and this year he was requested to make presentations on labour relations to the Social Affairs Committee of the National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

As a graduate of Ontario Colleges of Applied Technology Reg Pearson has received four nominations for the Premier’s Award for contributions to his community and the province.  He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Ontario Construction Secretariat, and is also a member of the Conciliation & Mediation Committee of the Canadian Association of Administrators of Labour Legislation.

Reg Pearson was honoured to receive the Government of Ontario Amethyst Award for Outstanding Achievement in 2011.