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Kraay, Mary Beth

Kraay, Mary Beth


Program Administrator
Policy Studies (PhD)
Criminology and Social Justice (MA)



JOR 731


(416) 979-5000 x4955

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Mary Beth Halferty Kraay holds a B.A. in English Literature and Psychology from Queen’s University.  Prior to joining Ryerson, Mary Beth worked as a retail manager, a freelance journalist, a publicist, a screenwriter, a film producer, an administrative coordinator for a children’s theatre organization, and a substitute high school teacher, among other things.

Mary Beth Kraay started at Ryerson in the fall of 2001, providing administrative support to the Faculty of Arts campaign and the Office of the Dean of Arts.  Later she was offered an opportunity to join the departments of Sociology and Psychology as their departmental assistant, and to assist in the administration of the part-time degree program in Justice Studies. Despite the change of position, Mary Beth continued to provide support to the Dean’s Office and, in that capacity, assisted in the development and implementation of a unique new liberal arts program, Arts and Contemporary Studies.  When Arts and Contemporary Studies was officially launched in the fall of 2003, it was a natural move for Mary Beth to join the program’s administrative team. 

After working for two years with Arts and Contemporary Studies, Mary Beth was looking for a new challenge, and decided to take a position in the School of Graduate Studies, where she first served as Graduate Program Administrator for two new MA programs (Public Policy and Administration, and Early Childhood Studies); then for the new interdisciplinary PhD program in Policy Studies (retaining responsibility for the MA in Public Policy and Administration); and currently for the PhD Program in Policy Studies and for the new Master of Arts program in Criminology and Social Justice.