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Drysdale, Reid

Drysdale, Reid



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Prof. Drysdale is a Contract Lecturer in the Department of Politics and Public Administration. He completed the course requirements for a PhD in Education (Theory and Policy Studies, Applied Linguistics) at the University of Toronto. He also holds a Masters Degree in Education from the University of Toronto, a Bachelor of Education Degree from the University of Western Ontario, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and Political Science from Wilfrid Laurier University. He regularly teaches political theory, public administration, applied communications, organization theory, and intergovernmental relations. Reid is also affiliated with the Ryerson University Writing Centre where he supervises student-writing workshops, and conducts instructional labs via distance education in English and advanced research and writing skills for university and college study.

Reid has worked full-time as a public sector manager and consultant within several government departments and as a Principal at DBS International Consulting Inc. and HDP Inc. He has held the position of Director and Chair of Education Connectivity for Ontario, in 2000-2001, with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities and Manager of Human Services with the Department of Consumer and Corporate Affairs Canada. As a consultant, he has worked on several projects with the public and private sector. Reid has also served as Senior Policy Analyst and Senior Communications Officer to Treasury Board of Cabinet and Ontario Management Board of Cabinet. In addition, he has extensive experience in Aboriginal affairs.

Prof. Drysdale has held lecturer positions at the University of Toronto, Royal Military College of Canada, Humber College and Seneca College, as Associate and Professor of English Communications and Teacher Education. He has also been active in university governance as a Member of the Division II – Governing Council of the School of Graduate Studies, University of Toronto, and as a research associate in the School of Graduate Studies where he has made significant contributions to books and journal articles in publication.

He recently worked on a collaborative research and consultation project for the Premier’s Council, Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, entitled, “Consultation Forums: Development of a Comprehensive Stakeholder Engagement Strategy for the Broader Health Sector in the Province of Ontario” funded by the Government of Ontario.

Reid’s research interests include: Canadian federalism, public policy, public sector restructuring, applied communications, and literacy education.

Selected Publications:

Publications and Reports include:

  • Consultation Forums: Development of a Comprehensive Stakeholder Engagement Strategy for the Broader Health Sector in the Province of Ontario (with D. Hay). Toronto: (Ontario) Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, 2005.
  • Public Sector Infrastructure Renewal: Establishing a Financial Baseline for the Delivery of Network Services to the Government of Ontario (with R. Ross). Toronto: (Ontario) Management Board Secretariat, 2002.
  • Acquisition Reform in the Ontario Government: Development of ASD Procurement Models for the Delivery of Integrated Network Services to the Government of Ontario (with R. Ross). Toronto: (Ontario) Management Board of Cabinet, 2001.
  • Delivery of Quality Education in Ontario: An Education Connectivity Framework for the Province of Ontario (with J. Delen). Toronto: (Ontario) Ministry of Education and (Ontario) Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, 2000.
  • “Implementing Effective Business Planning Using Information Technology.” Abstract published in Focus –The Executive Management Magazine for Canada’s Public Service (Special Edition) IIV:21 (Oct. 1997): 7-11.
  • ASD Funding Model Options for the NRC Integrated Enterprise Business System (IEBS). Ottawa: National Research Council of Canada, 1998.
  • Comparing Federal Systems in the 1990s: A Descriptive Framework for Alternative Government Forms and Structures in the Canadian Federal Public Service. Ottawa, (Canada) Treasury Board Secretariat, 1994.
  • Aboriginal Self-Government in Urban Areas. Parliamentary Paper. Hull: Assembly of First Nations, 1992.

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