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Efremkin, Evgeny


PhD (History): York (Canada)




(416) 979-5000 x 7046

Email Address:


Dr. Evgeny Efremkin is a contract lecturer in the Department of Politics and Public Administration and the Department of History at Ryerson University.  In addition to a PhD in History, he holds an MA in History and a BA in History and Political Science, all from York University (Canada).

Research Interests:

Dr. Efremkin's interests can be summarized under the following headings:

  • Transnational History
  • Cold War History
  • International Relations
  • Decolonization History
  • Social & Cultural History
  • Migration and Ethnicity
  • Canadian Studies
  • European History
  • World History

Current Courses:

At Ryerson, Dr. Efremkin currently teaches POL208: Globalization and World Politics (Department of Politics and Public Administration) and CHST 604: Uneasy Peace: The Cold War, 1945-90 (Department of History).  He also teaches two History courses at Trent University (Peterborough).

Selected Publications:

Publications include:

  • At the Intersection of Diasporas, Nations, and Modernities: North American Finns in the Soviet Union in the 1930s. Vancouver, University of British Columbia Press. (forthcoming).
  • “At the Intersection of Modernities: Migrants as Agents of Economic and Cultural Change.” Journal of Contemporary History, 31 March 2015.
  • Review of The Search for a Socialist El Dorado: Finnish Immigration to Soviet Karelia from the United States and
    Canada in the 1930s
    by Golubev, Alexey, and Irina Takala. Ab Imperio: Studies of New Imperial History and Nationalism in the Post-Soviet Space 2 (2014): 452-455.  
  • “Canada’s Invisible Nationality Policy: Creating Ethnicity, Managing Population, Imagining a Nation.” Journal of the Canadian Historical Association 24:2 (2013):.
  • “Recruitment in North America: An Analysis of Emigrants to Soviet Karelia.” In Victims and Survivors of Karelia, ed. Markku Kangaspuro and Samira Saramo. Special Double Issue of the Journal of Finnish Studies 15(2011): 103-126.
  • “Переселение североамериканских финнов в Советскую Карелию в 1930-1933 годах: статистический анализ, Труды Карельского научного центра РАН № 6. 2011. С. 97–105
    (“Emigration and Settlement of North American Finns in Soviet Karelia, 1930-1933: A Statistical Analysis, Proceedings of Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences 6 (2011): 97-105.
  • “Эмиграция Канадских Финнов в Советскую Карелию во времена Великой Депрессии,” Ученые записки Петрозаводского государственного Университета. (“Opportunists: Canadian Finns in the Soviet Union and North America during the Great Depression.” Academic Journal of
    Petrozavodsk State University 
    3:95 (October 2008): 42-52.
  • Review of The King of Karelia: Col P.J. Woods and the British Intervention in North Russia 1918-1919 A History and a
    , by Nick Baron. Journal of Finnish Studies 12 (2008): 32–34.  
  • “ 'Karelian Project' or 'Karelian Fever'? Orders from Above, Reaction from Below: Conflicting Interests in Kremlin, Karelia and Canada.” In North American Finns in Soviet Karelia in the 1930s:
    [Proceedings of International Research Seminar], ed. Irina Takala and Ilya Solomeshch, 55-83.  Petrozavodsk: Petrozavodsk State University Press, 2008.
  • Review of A Sociological Survey of the Finnish Settlement of New York Mills, Minnesota and its Adjacent Territory, by
    Darrel G. Nicholson. Journal of Finnish Studies 10 (2006): 59–61.

Spoken Languages:

English, Russian, Hebrew, French