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Constance MacRae-Buchanan

MacRae-Buchanan, Constance


PhD (Political Science): Toronto


Distance Ed


Dr. Constance MacRae-Buchanan holds a doctorate in Political Science from University of Toronto, where she completed a doctoral dissertation entitled, “The Social Citizenship Tradition in Anglo-American Thought.”  She also holds a Master of Arts (MA) in Political Science from Carleton University and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Political Studies from the University of Manitoba with an MA-qualifying year completed at McGill University.

Throughout her impressive career, Dr. MacRae-Buchanan has nurtured a comprehensive record of teaching political science at seven Canadian universities as an adjunct lecturer.  She served as an adjunct term assist professor at Queen's University, a visiting assistant professor at Memorial University of Newfoundland, and a sessional lecturer at the University of Manitoba, a teaching assistant at the University of Toronto and Carleton University, and a sessional lecturer at the University of Winnipeg. Dr. MacRae-Buchanan has received excellent teaching evaluations throughout the years.

She hopes to connect with political science, history, and anthropology educators on an international level to help with her research, and to gather information for her lectures. 

Research Interests:

  • Canadian Politics
  • Women’s Politics and Gender
  • Critical Thinking About Democracy and Social Justice
  • Political theory and the History of Political Thought
  • The Social Question and Psychology
  • Interdisciplinary Aspects of Social Policy and Social Science.
  • Gender, Race, Politics, Sociology
  • Political Culture, Political Ideologies, Political Thinkers.
  • Labour, Property, and Capitalism.
  • Liberalism and Post-liberalism.
  • “The Commons” as a site of political and economic activity.
  • The Precariat and Precarious Labour

Current Courses:

In the course of her teaching career, Dr. MacRae-Buchanan has taught Canadian Politics, Canadian Political Parties, Canadian Federalism and Democracy, Gender and Politics in Canada, Political Theory, and Women and Politics.  

With a few short breaks, Dr MacRae Buchanan has taught, since 2006, an online and distance education course in Canadian Government through the G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University, and has thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  In 2012, she completely rewrote the text of the course and converted it from a Distance Learning course to a fully online course.

Selected Publications:

  • “Teaching the Métis Mindset: New Grounds for Canada.” Southern Journal of Canadian Studies (forthcoming).
  • “The Coalition Frame of Mind in National Politics.” Journal of Parliamentary and Political Law 4:3 (December 2010): 463-478.
  • “American Influence on Canadian Constitutionalism.” In Canadian Constitutionalism, 1791-1991, ed. Janet Ajzenstat, 145-58.  Ottawa: Canadian Study of Parliament Group, 1992.

Selected Publications & Presentations:

  • “Proteus in the Precariat: facing the real world of work today." Presented at the 23rd International Conference on Learning: Education in the Age of the Anthropocene. Vancouver, BC: 13-15 July 2016.
  • “Teaching the Precariat: A Framework for Analysis.”  Presented at the APSA 2016 Teaching and Learning Conference: Rethinking the Way We Teach:  High-Impact Methods In the Classroom.  Portland, OR: 12-14 February 2016.
  • “The Coalition Frame of Mind in National Politics.” Presented at the Third Law and Parliament Conference, Institute of Parliamentary and Political Law.  Toronto: University of Toronto, 14 November 2009.
  • “Liberalism and the Emergence of the Social.” Presented at the Conference on Contemporary Governance and the Question of the Social.  Edmonton, AB: University of Alberta, 12 June 2004.
  • “Four Grounds: Northrop Frye, Marshall McLuhan, and the Canadian Social Charter.” Presented to the New York State Political Science Association.  New York, NY: Hunter College, Spring, 1993.
  • “No New Thing: Social Right and Social State in the Political Thought of William Lyon Mackenzie.” Presented at the Canadian Political Science Association.  Charlottetown, PEI: University of Prince Edward Island, 02 June 1992.
  • “American Influence on Canadian Constitutionalism.” Presented at The Canadian Study of Parliament Group Conference on Canadian Constitutionalism, Ottawa, ON:  Fall, 1991.
  • “The Rights of Citizens: A New Declaration?”  Presented at the Canadian Political Science Association.  Québec, QC: Laval University, June, 1989.

Spoken Languages: