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Dutil, Patrice


Certificate in Public Administration and Leadership



PhD (History): York (Can.)




(416) 979-5000 x 2704


Patrice Dutil is Professor in the Department of Politics and Public Administration. Dutil joined Ryerson in 2006 following 19 years in various parts of the public service and non-profit sector. He is the author, co-author or editor of eight books and of dozens of scholarly articles in refereed publications. He is a frequent commentator on public affairs on radio and television in Toronto and in the national media. His opinion pieces have appeared in the Toronto Star, National Post, The Globe and Mail,, Inside Policy. In 2013-14 he was a visiting scholar at Massey College (University of Toronto) and visiting professor in the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University. He will be visiting professor at Boston University In the fall of 2018.  He holds a PhD from York University, an M es Arts from the Université de Montréal, and a BA (Hon.) from York University.

Dr. Dutil maintains a detailed site at:

His podcasts on contemporary and historical topics can be found at and, en français, at

Research Interests:

Patrice Dutil’s main research interests are political and public sector leadership, the process of political development, and the study of elections. He writes about a wide range of issues in the policy development process both from a historical and contemporary standpoint.

Selected Publications:

(since 2013)

[see "Book Chapters" section (below) for chapters authored and co-authored]

  • Embattled Nation: Canada’s Wartime Election of 1917 (with David MacKenzie).  Toronto: Dundurn Press, 2017.
  • Prime Ministerial Power in Canada: Its Origins under Macdonald, Laurier and BordenVancouver: UBC Press, 2017.
    • Reviewed by J.P. Lewis, Canadian Journal of Political Science 51:3 (September 2018): 717-19.
  • Macdonald at 200: New Reflections and Legacies (co-edited with Roger Hall). Toronto: Dundurn, 2014.

Articles (Refereed Publications):

  • “Searching for Strategy: Value for Money Audit Choice in the New Public Management Era” (with Sana Adi) Canadian Public Administration 61:1 (March 2018): 91-108.
  • “Regulation Governance in the Digital Era: A New Research Agenda” (with Julie Williams). Canadian Public Administration 60:4 (December 2017): 562-580.
  • "Crowdsourcing as a new instrument in the government's arsenal: Explorations and considerations." Canadian Public Administration 58:3 (September 2015): 363-383.
  • “Paths, Precedents, Parallels and Pendulums: The uses of the Past in Public Policy and Administration.” Canadian Public Administration 57:3 (September 2014):  419-435.
  • “Experiential Learning in the Constituency Office: Educational Innovation at Ryerson University.” Canadian Parliamentary Review 37:2 (Summer 2014): 20-24.
  • “The Bonds of Institutional Language: A Discursive Institutionalism Approach to the Clerk of the Privy Council’s Annual Report” (with Peter Ryan). Canadian Public Administration 56:1 (March 2013): 26-46.
    • This article won the Hodgetts Award for Best Article Published in Canadian Public Administration in 2013.
  • “The Office of Premier of Ontario, 1945-2010: Who Really Advises?” (with Peter Constantinou) Canadian Parliamentary Review 36:1 (Spring 2013): 43-50.

Articles (Non-Refereed Publications):

Book Chapters:

  • “Anchors, Followers, and Mavericks: The Permanent Campaign’s Effects on the Canadian Federal Budget Speeches, 1978-2017” (with Peter M. Ryan).  In How Ottawa Spends 2018-19: Next?, ed. Katherine A. H. Graham and Allan M. Maslove, 9-40.  Ottawa: Carleton University, School of Public Policy and Administration, 2018.
  • “Infrastructure Ontario: The Agencification of Public Works in a Canadian Province.” In Public Enterprises Today: Missions, Performance and Governance – Learning from Fifteen Cases [Les entreprises publiques aujourd’hui : missions, performance, gouvernance - Leçons de quinze études de cas], ed. Luc Bernier, 303-334. New York: Peter Lang Publishing, 2015.
  • “The Institutionalization of Foreign Affairs (1909-2013).” In Readings in Canadian Foreign Policy: Classic Debates and New Ideas, 3rd ed., ed. Duane Bratt and Christopher Kukucha, 239-58. Toronto: Oxford University Press, 2015.
  • “A Macdonald for our Time”(with Roger Hall). In Macdonald at 200: New Reflections and Legacies, ed. Patrice Dutil and Roger Hall, 13-24. Toronto: Dundurn, 2014.
  • “Macdonald, his 'Ottawa Men' and the Consolidation of Prime Ministerial Power (1867-1873).” In Macdonald at 200: New Reflections and Legacies, ed. Patrice Dutil and Roger Hall, 282-311. Toronto: Dundurn, 2014.
  • “A Legacy Lost: Macdonald in the Memory of his Successors” (with Sean Conway). In Macdonald at 200: New Reflections and Legacies, ed. Patrice Dutil and Roger Hall, 379-405. Toronto: Dundurn, 2014.

(As editor of the IPAC Series in Public Administration and Governance at the University of Toronto Press)

  • Donna Wood. Federalism in Action: The Devolution of Canada's Public Employment Service, 1995-2015.  Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2018. 
  • John Hilliker, Mary Halloran, Greg Donaghy. Canada's Department of External Affairs, Vol. 3: Innovation and Adaptation, 1968-1984. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2017.
  • Jack Lucas. Fields of Authority: Special Purpose Governance, 1815-2015. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2016.
  • Christopher Alcantara and Jen Nelles. A Quiet Evolution: The Emergence of Indigenous-Local Intergovernmental Partnerships in Canada. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2016.
  • Jonathan Craft. Backrooms and Beyond: Partisan Advisers and the Politics of Policy Work in Canada. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2016.
  • Peter Elsen, ed. Funding Policies and the Non-Profit Sector in Western Canada: Evolving Relationships in a Changing Environment. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2016.
  • David Siegel. Leaders in the Shadows: The Leadership Qualities of Municipal Chief Administrative Officers. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2015.
  • David A. Good. The Politics of Public Money, 2nd ed. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. 2014.
  • Charles Conteh and Bob Segsworth, ed. Governance in Northern Ontario. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2014.
  • David Zussman. Off and Running: The Prospects and Pitfalls of Government Transitions in Canada. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2014.
  • Jacques Bourgault and Christopher Dunn, ed. Deputy Ministers in Canada. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2014.
  • Gregory J. Inwood and Carolyn Johns, ed. Commissions of Inquiry and Policy in Canada. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2014.


  • Review of Tax, Order, and Good Government: A New Political History of Canada, 1867–1917 by E.A. Heaman (Montréal and Kingston: McGill-Queens University Press, 2017): 582 pp.  Canadian Journal of Political Science 51:3 (September 2018): 711-12.
  • “Why Trudeau Abandoned Electoral Reform: The Case Against Change.”  Review of Should We Change How We Vote? Evaluating Canada’s Electoral System, ed. Andrew Potter, Daniel Weinstock and Peter Loewen (Montréal and Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2017), 230 pp. Literary Review of Canada 25:4 (May 2017): 9-10.
  • Review of Reforming the Public Sector: How to Achieve Better Transparency, Service and Leadership, ed. Giovanni Tria and Giovanni Valotti (Washington, DC: Brookings Institute, 2012) 311 pp. Canadian Public Administration 56:2 (June 2013): 361-363.


Encyclopedia Entries:

  • Godfroy Langlois.” Dictionnaire des intellectuels Québécois, ed. Michel Lacroix, Yvan Lamonde, Collectif, Marie-Andrée Bergeron, Jonathan Livernois.  Montréal: Les Presses de l’Université de Montréal, 2017.

Professional Affiliations:

Patrice Dutil sits on the editorial committee of the International Review of Administrative Sciences, was president of the Champlain Society from 2011 to 2017, and continues to be heavily involved in a number of civic and scholarly organizations.

Spoken Languages:

English, French