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Raney, Tracey



PhD (Political Science): Calgary




(416) 979-5000 x 2701


Dr. Tracey Raney is Associate Professor in the Department of Politics and Public Administration, and a member of the Yeates School of Graduate Studies, at Ryerson University. In addition to holding a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Calgary, she holds a Masters Degree in Canadian Studies (with a specialization in Women’s Studies) from Carleton University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Studies from Queen’s University.

Research Interests:

Dr. Raney’s research interests are in the areas of Canadian politics and women and politics. Her work focuses mainly on questions of identity and representation, including women’s political representation (Canada and Ontario), Canadian national identity, sub-national/regional political identities in Canada, and representations of gender/women in leadership roles in popular culture.

Present and recently completed externally-funded research projects include:

  • Partnership Engage Grant, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, “Violence against women in politics: building knowledge and networks to improve gender equality in Canada’s legislatures.” Principal Investigator. 2017-2018.  [Co-applicant, Dr. Cheryl Collier, University of Windsor; Partner Organization: Equal Voice, Dr. Grace Lore].
  • Insight Development Grant, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, “The True (Blue) North: the Prime Minister and Canadian Nation-Building since 2006”. 2015-2017. Co-applicant [Principal Investigator, Dr. Tim Nieguth, Laurentian University].
  • Ontario/Baden-Württemberg Faculty Research Exchange Grant, Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities/Ontario Council on University Research (OCUR). 2013. “By the Numbers: The Representation of Women and Ethnic Minorities in the Legislatures of Ontario and Baden-Württemberg.” Co-applicant. (Co-applicant, Dr. Tim Nieguth, Laurentian University].


Dr. Raney was awarded the 2013 Jill Vickers Prize for her paper entitled “Leaving Parliament: Gender and Exit in the Ontario Legislature.” The Prize was established (in 2004) in honour of Professor Jill Vickers, an activist and leader in Canadian feminist scholarship, and the author of numerous books and articles in the fields of feminist political science, epistemology and interdisciplinary methodology, feminist theory and movements for change.  It is awarded annually to the author or authors of the best paper presented, in English or French, at the annual conference of the Canadian Political Science Association on the topic of gender and politics. Dr. Raney was shortlisted for the award in 2009 (with Loleen Berdahl) and again in 2017 (with Joanna Everitt).

Selected Publications:

Journal - Edited Issues:

  • Finding Feminisms (ed. with Alexandra Dobrowolsky, Fiona MacDonald, Cheryl Collier and Pascale Dufour). Special Issue of the Canadian Journal of Political Science 50:2 (June 2017).
    • See Cambridge Core BlogIntroduction to Special Issue” (also with Alexandra Dobrowolsky, Fiona MacDonald, Cheryl N. Collier and Pascale Dufour).

Journal Articles:

  • Finding Feminism(s) in Canadian Political Science Scholarship: Diversity and Resistance in an Era of Global Uncertainty [Introduction]” (with Alexandra Dobrowolsky, Fiona MacDonald, Cheryl Collier and Pascale Dufour). Canadian Journal of Political Science 50:2 (June 2017): 403-410. [Special issue entitled Finding Feminisms.]
  • “Nation-Building and Canada’s National Symbolic Order, 1993-2015” (with Tim Nieguth). Nations and Nationalism 23:1 (January 2017): 87-108. 
  • “Building a Conservative Nation: An Examination of Canada’s New Citizenship Guide, ‘Discover Canada’” (with Laura Tonon). International Journal of Canadian Studies 47 (2013): 202-219.
  • “Le «patriotisme par le bas» au Canada : reconstruire l'identité nationale sur l’ «Autoroute des héros».” Critique internationale 58 (janvier-mars 2013): 19-34.
    • An English version also appears in the online version of the Critique Internationale 58 website under the title: “Grassroots Patriotism: Reconstructing Canada’s National Identity along the ‘Highway of Heroes’.” See Abstract
  • "Shifting Sands? Citizens' National Identities and Pride in Social Security in Canada" (with Loleen Berdahl).  American Review of Canadian Studies 41:3 (September 2011): 259-273.
  • “Quintessentially Un-American? Comparing Public Opinion on National Identity in English Speaking Canada and the United States.” International Journal of Canadian Studies / Revue Internationale d’Études Canadiennes 42 (2010): 105-123.
  • “Being Canadian in the World: Mapping the Contours of National Identity and Public Opinion on International Issues in Canada” (with Loleen Berdahl).  International Journal  65:4 (Autumn 2010):  837-852.
  • “As Canadian as Possible… Under What Circumstances? Public Opinion on National Identity in Canada Outside Québec.”  Journal of Canadian Studies / /Revue d'études canadiennes 43:3 (Fall 2009): 5-29.
  • Birds of a Feather? Citizenship Norms, Group Identity, and Political Participation in Western Canada” (with Loleen Berdahl).  Canadian Journal of Political Science 42:1 (March 2009): 187-209.
  • “An Ever Farther Apart Union? Prospects For A European Community and Identity in a Post-Referenda Europe.”  Special Issue: European Identities and Minorities. Review of European and Russian Affairs 2:4 (2006): 29-51.

Book Chapters:

  • “Patriotisms of the People: Understanding the ‘Highway of Heroes’ as a Canadian National Landmark.” In Landscapes and Landmarks of Canada: Real, Imagined, (Re)Viewed, eds. Maeve Conrick, Munroe Eagles, Jane Koustas, and Caitríona Ní Chasaide, 47-61.  Waterloo, ON: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2017.
    • An earlier version of this paper was published in French in Critique international  58 (janvier-mars 2013): 19-34.
  • “The Ontario Legislature: Living Up to its Democratic Potential Amidst Political Change?”  In The Politics of Ontario, ed. Cheryl Collier and Jonathan Malloy, 81-99.  Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2017.
  • “Gender in the Aftermath: Starbuck and the Future of Woman in Battlestar Galactica” (with Michelle Meagher).  Chapter 3 in Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Post-apocalyptic T.V. and Film, ed. Barbara Gurr, 45-58.  New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2015. 
  • Guarding the Nation: Reconfiguring Canada in an Era of Neo-Conservatism” (with Tim Nieguth). Ch. 10 in Canada: The State of the Federation 2012: Regions, Resources and Resiliency, ed. Loleen Berdahl, Carolyn Tuohy, and Andre Juneau, 189-210. Kingston: Queen’s University Institute of Intergovernmental Relations; Montréal-Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2015.
    • Previously published as Paper #10 in the Working Paper Series of the Queen’s University Institute of Intergovernmental Relations, 2015.
  • “Gender Identity in Deep Space: Representations of Political Leadership in ‘Battlestar Galactica’.” Ch. 4 inThe Politics of Popular Culture: Negotiating Power, Identity, and Place, ed. Tim Nieguth, 51-64. Montréal-Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2015.
  • “Breaking the Holding Pattern: Women in Ontario Politics.” In Stalled: The Representation of Women in Canadian Governments, ed. Linda Trimble, Jane Arscott, and Manon Tremblay, 154-173. Vancouver: UBC Press, 2013.

Reports, Scholarly Analyses, and Critical Commentary:

  • Democratizing the Ontario Legislature: Change, but Change Enough?” (with Greg Inwood and Sasha Tregebov). Studies of Provincial and Territorial Legislatures series. Canadian Study of Parliament Group, 07 March 2013.
  • “Democratic Renewal.” Dialogues: A Canada West Foundation Publication 2:1 (Winter 2006): 26.
  •  “A Nation of Self-Doubters? The Canadian National Identity in the New Canada.” In Diversity in Canada: Regions and Communities. CRIC (Centre for Research and Information on Canada) Paper 18 (October 2005): 5-8.
  • Review of A Fragile Social Fabric? Fairness, Trust, and Commitment in Canada by Raymond Breton, Norbert J. Hartmann, Jos L. Lennards, and Paul Reed. Canadian Public Policy 31:3 (Fall 2005): 333-334.
  • “No Girls Allowed? Teaching Politics in the Classroom.” Canadian Teacher Magazine. (Fall 2005).