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The program admits approximately 35-40 students each year, including approximately 10 part-time students. There is only one intake each year in September.

No. Applications from interested students with degrees in various undergraduate disciplines are encouraged to apply. In certain circumstances, it may be recommended that students take qualifying courses as a condition of admission to the program.

Students come from diverse academic and practitioner backgrounds. Part-time students are mostly drawn from the federal, provincial and municipal public service and non-profit organizations. These students have diverse academic backgrounds including undergraduate degrees in the social sciences, humanities, sciences and engineering and bring to the classroom “hands on” practical experience. Full-time students also come from diverse academic backgrounds with strong interests in pursuing careers in the public, para-public, non-profit and private sectors.

Courses are offered in the fall, winter and spring terms. Scheduling of courses is designed to accommodate both full-time and part-time students. Most courses are offered in 3 hour blocks during the afternoons or evenings, once a week. Spring courses may be offered in intensive mode formats. For more details, see Course Offerings.

The Department has been teaching Politics and Public Administration at Ryerson since 1962, so the Ryerson University Library has a comprehensive collection of books, journals and on-line services in these areas; additional resources have been committed to expanding this collection. The library is centrally located and provides a wireless ready and networked space for graduate students.

In addition to the Ryerson University library, students in the program have access to materials housed in the Robarts library at the University of Toronto, the Toronto Reference Library as well as the resources available via various government departments and Publications Ontario which is located blocks from Ryerson’s main campus.

All incoming full-time students are offered an entrance scholarship. They may also have access to graduate teaching assistant and/or research assistant positions. See also Awards.

Most full-time students complete the program in 12-18 months. Those taking the course or Major Research Project option tend to complete the program in 12 months. Students electing to do a thesis may take an extra term or two. The maximum completion time for full-time students is 24 months. Most part-time students take 20-28 months to complete. The maximum time for completion is 36 months.