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Orientation Checklist

This section provides useful information for all faculty, contract lecturers, and staff employed in the Department of Politics and Public Administration

Employee Number

Issued by Human Resources. Department Administrator will assist in obtaining it for you.

Ryerson OneCard

The Ryerson OneCard is your on-campus Photo Identification Card. It can also be programmed to provide access to buildings, photocopiers, and classroom podia. It also serves as your Library Patron Card (see “Library Access” below).

When you have received your Employee Number from Human Resources, consult with the Department Administrator, who will complete the necessary form to ensure that your OneCard is properly programmed. Then visit the Ryerson OneCard office on the lower Ground floor of Jorgenson Hall (JOR02), where a photo will be taken and a card issued and programmed.

Activating your Online Identity

Ryerson Online Identity (ROI)

Issued by CCS (Computing and Communication Services) this central identify is necessary to access my.ryerson, Blackboard, Ryerson’s Administrative Management Self Service (RAMSS) and classroom podia. When you have received your Employee Number from Human Resources, apply for your ROI online at /accounts/, opens in new window. Request username following the convention of first initial, last name; or first name.last name (i.e., jsmith or jane.smith).

ARTS Online Identity

When you have received your ROI, consult the Department Administrator, who will arrange for you to receive an ARTS Online identity, using the same username. For reasons why this might be a good idea, read about PDF fileCloud Platforms.

In addition, the ARTS account is necessary to use networked computers and printers. It is also necessary to access the password-protected part of this web-site. Use of the ARTS-based email system is optional, but highly recommended. Such an email account will be and email sent to it will go directly to the ARTS server at Ryerson (whereas email sent to your @ryerson account will arrive at Ryerson via Google's Gmail servers in the USA).

If, in consultation with the Department Administrator, your ARTS online identity includes an “@politics” email account, set the "forward" feature in your Ryerson email so that incoming mail will be forwarded to your ARTS account.

Instructions for using the current PDF fileRyerson mail (Gmail) system.

Instructions if you are using the old PDF fileR-mail system.

Every effort will be made to ensure that you have the same username for Ryerson systems (Blackboard, computers in podia, etc.) and ARTS systems (office computer, email, networked printers). Be sure to set passwords that you will remember for each system. You will need them both. Many people use a common password and change it in both places at regular intervals.

Desk Space, Phones, Mailboxes and Keys

The Department Administrator will assign office space, a telephone extension, a mailbox, and keys. In cases where an office is shared, the Department Administrator will arrange the appropriate telephone configuration, which MAY include independent voice-mail.

Library Access

Once you have a Ryerson Online Identity (ROI) and a Ryerson One Card, you will have access to RULA - Ryerson University Library and Archives. Activate your One Card at the Reference Desk in the Library.

Photocopying Privileges

Your OneCard will allow you to use most photocopiers on campus. It may take up to 48 hours to be operational after the card is issued.