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Chang School (Continuing Education)

On 29 April 2011, the G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education held an Appreciation Celebration to honour Chairs and Academic Coordinators who were leaving roles in which they made a valuable contribution to Continuing Education.  Dr. Neil Thomlinson (Undergraduate Coordinator 2002-2006; Department Chair 2006-2011) was recognised at that event and spoke about his work with CE.

Dr. Neil Thomlinson receives CE Award.  Des Glynn (Chang School), Neil Thomlinson, Mark Lovewell (Interim Dean, Faculty of Arts), Anne-Marie Brinsmead (Chang School)
L to R: Desmond Glynn (Program Director, Arts; Chang School); Neil Thomlinson (Chair, Dept of Politics and Public Administration); Mark Lovewell (Interim Dean, Faculty of Arts); Anne-Marie Brinsmead (Associate Program Director, Arts; Chang School)
Dr. Neil Thomlinson acknowledging receipt of the CE Award.
Award Recipient Neil Thomlinson, Chair of the Department of Politics and Public Administration spoke about his long association with the Chang School (formerly the Division of Continuing Education) and expressed his thanks for the honour.