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Awards Ceremonies 2010

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Course Awards

Lindsey Bailey achieved the highest average grade in the required first year courses: POG100: People, Power, and Politics; and POG110: Canadian Politics. She is presented with her certificate and cash award by Professor Joseph Zboralski.

Lindsay Bailey (left), and Professor Joseph Zboralski

Patrick Sweeney achieved the highest average grade in the required second year courses: POG210: Canadian Government, POG225: Global Governance, and POG230: Introduction to Research and Statistics. He is presented with a certificate and a cash award by Dr. Aparna Sundar.

Dr. Aparna Sundar (left), and Patrick Sweeney (right)

Tiffany Maceachern was awarded the third year award, having the highest average grade in the required third year courses: POG314: Controversial Policy Topics, POG320: Social Identity and Citizenship, POG330: Social and Political Thought, POG340: Intro to Comparative Politics, and INP900: The Nonprofit/Voluntary Sector. The certificates and cash awards are presented by Dr. Patricia O'Reilly.

Dr. Patricia O'Reilly (left), and Tiffany Maceachern (right)

Victor LaPierre achieved the highest average grade across the two semesters of fourth year. He is presented with a certificate and a cash award by Dr. Neil Thomlinson, Department Chair.

Dr. Neil Thomlinson (left), and Victor LaPierre (right)

Hicks Morley Scholarship In Politics And Governance

The Hicks Morley Scholarship, made possible by a generous donation from the law firm Hicks Morley Hamilton Stewart Storie LLP, recognizes the academic excellence of a student entering her/his third year of study in the full-time Politics and Governance BA program based on his/her performance in the second year of study. The scholarship also recognizes the student’s contributions to the program, to the University, and to his/her peers.

The fourth annual $1,000 Hicks Morley Scholarship was presented to Sherrie Mohamed by Mr. Simon Mortimer [BA (UWO), LLB (Windsor)], a partner in the law firm Hicks Morley Hamilton Stewart Storie LLP.

Simon Mortimer (left), and Sherrie Mohamed (right)

The Jacqueline Atkins Scholarship For Excellence In Business And Professional Writing

The Jacqueline Atkins Scholarship honours the memory of a Ryerson professor who was a pioneer in the teaching of communication in Canada.  Professor Atkins exemplified professional communication at its finest. In everything she said or wrote, she strove to be correct, honest, and considerate of her listeners or readers.

The Scholarship is awarded annually to a student taking a Professional Communications course (CMN) whose work embodies the principles of clarity, correctness, integrity and consideration.

The Jacqueline Atkins Scholarship is awarded by the School of Professional Communication to a student who has demonstrated excellence in Professional Writing. This year, the scholarship was presented to Politics and Governance student Victor LaPierre by Dr. Carol Sevitt from the School of Professional Communication.

Dr. Carol Sevitt (left), and Victor LaPierre (right)

Solly Patel Essay Prize

The Solly Patel Essay Prize was created to honour a former Chair of the Department of Politics and Public Administration, who retired in 1996 and died in 2006.  Faculty teaching any Politics or Public Administration course may nominate for the award an essay by any student in any Ryerson program in which the main essay is on a topic related to political or social theory.  Nominations are adjudicated by the Awards Committee of the Department of Politics and Public Administration.

Nancy Almeida is shown here receiving the Solly Patel Essay Prize from Dr. Colin Mooers, who nominated her essay "Liberal Ideology and the False Universalism of Equal Citizenship," which was submitted in POG430: Contemporary Political Thought.

Dr. Colin Mooers (left), and Nancy Almeida (right)

Dean's List

The Dean’s List consists of students who maintain a GPA of at least 3.67 over a minimum of 4 courses in each term

L-R: Interim Dean of Arts, Mark Lovewell; Department Chair, Dr. Neil Thomlinson; Dawit Hailu; Tiffany Maceachern; Victor LaPierre; Stacey Danis; Patrick Sweeney; Lindsay Bailey; Isaac Coplan; former Dean of Arts, Dr. Carla Cassidy.

Missing: Thomas Kais-Prial, Margarita Kalika, Jakub Lewandowski, Caitlin Morrison and Ranyodh Singh.

Dean's List Students