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Awards Ceremonies 2013

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The 2013 Social Science Awards night was once again held at the historic Arts and Letters Club (14 Elm Street)

12 November 2013 Awards Night - Audience

131112-Program Cover

Click to download the evening's program.

Opening Ceremonies

Dr. Marcia Moshé, Associate Dean Students and Undergraduate Studies, opens the evening ceremonies.

131112-Associate Dean of Arts Marcia Moshé

Dean of Arts, Dr. Jean-Paul Boudreau welcomes students, their families, faculty and staff.

131112-Dean of Arts Jean-Paul Boudreau

Provost and Vice-President Academic, Dr. Mohamed Lachemi, delivers opening remarks congratulating all the award winners.

131112-Provost and Vice President Academic Mohamed Lachemi

Kristy Kraemer (Criminology) and Nicole Florecki-Jarwan (ACS) organise the Registration table.

131112-Registration Table

Program Awards

Program Awards are given to a student in each year of the program recognising outstanding academic performance in the previous academic year.

  • first year award is for the best grades in POG100 and POG110
  • second year award is for best grades across POG210, POG225, and POG230
  • third year award is for best average across INP900, POG314, POG320, POG330, and POG340
  • fourth year award is for the best average in 2 terms while taking 4 courses or more in each term.

Dr. Sorpong Peou, Chair of the Department of Politics and Public Administration explains the program awards and introduces the winners.

131112-Sorpong Peou, Chair, Dept of Politics and Public Administration

LtoR: Michael Opatowski (first year), Benjamin Allen Stevens (second year), Philip Rafalko (third year), and Dr. Sorpong PeouStacey Danis (fourth year) was unable to attend.

131112-Year Awards

Excellence Awards

David Crombie Excellence Award in Politics and Governance

The David Crombie Excellence Award in Politics and Governance was created to honour the Honourable David Crombie, best known as a City of Toronto Councillor and Mayor, and as an MP and Cabinet Minister in the Government of Canada.  But before all that, he was one of the original faculty members in what is now the Department of Politics and Public Administration – and after all that he was Chancellor (and is now Chancellor Emeritus) of Ryerson University. 

The David Crombie Award is awarded to a 4th year Politics and Governance student for academic excellence and contribution to the program and community.

The Hon. David Crombie.

The Hon. David Crombie

Dr. Sorpong Peou (R), Chair of the Department of Politics and Public Administration, presents the David Crombie Excellence Award in Politics and Governance to Matthew Lopez.

131112-Crombie Award

Hicks Morley Scholarship in Politics and Governance

The Hicks Morley Scholarships, made possible by a generous donation from the law firm Hicks Morley Hamilton Stewart Storie LLP, recognize the academic excellence of two students entering their third year of study in Politics and Governance based on their performance in the second year of study. The scholarships also recognize the students’ contributions to the program, to the University, and to their peers.

Lauri A. Reesor, partner in the law firm Hicks Morley Hamilton Stewart Storie LLP, speaks to the Award and to its recipients.

Lauri A. Reesor - Hicks Morley

Lauri A. Reesor, partner in the law firm Hicks Morley Hamilton Stewart Storie LLP, presents one of two Hicks Morley Scholarships to Sumaya Almajthoob.  The other recipient, Matthew Jonah was unable to attend.

Laurie A. Reesor (Hicks Morley); Sumaya Almajthoob (award recipient)

Solly Patel Entrance Scholarship

The Solly Patel Memorial Entrance Award was created in 2009 to honour the memory of Solly Patel, who was a faculty member in the Department of Politics and School of Public Administration (as it then was), and served a term as the Department Chair in the 1980s.  Solly Patel retired in 1996, after 29 years of dedicated and distinguished service to Ryerson, and returned to South Africa, where he died on 30 March 2006 at age 71 years.  The endowed award was made possible through a generous donation by his sister, Khatija Patel.

The awards recognize the academic achievement and aptitude of up to two students entering their first year of study in Politics and Governance or Public Administration and Governance, and who are enrolled in a minimum of three (3) courses.

The 2013 winner, Massimo Oliva, was unable to attend.

Solly Patel Essay Prize

The Solly Patel Essay Prize was created to honour a former Chair of the Department of Politics and Public Administration, who retired in 1996 and died in 2006.  Faculty teaching any Politics or Public Administration course may nominate for the award an essay by any student in any Ryerson program in which the main essay is on a topic related to political or social theory.  Nominations are adjudicated by the Awards Committee of the Department of Politics and Public Administration.

The 2013 winner, Stacey Danis, was unable to attend.  The prize was for her essay “Is Rawls Theory of Justice Incompatible with Feminist Theory?” which was submitted in POG430: Contemporary Political Thought.

Dean's List

The Dean’s List consists of students who maintain a GPA of at least 3.67 over a minimum of 4 courses in each term. Although students on the Dean’s List as of June 2013 term were actually celebrated at the Dean’s Scholar Reception held on 26 September 2013, they are included here to preserve a consistent presentation of student achievement.

Sumaya Almajthoob

Loryne Andawey

James Ankers

Lindsay Bailey

Sara Black

Betina Borova

Paul Bryant

Bianca Cirella

Stacey Danis

Mitchell Demars

Rizwan Desai

Ana Hoxha

Kelly Levac

Angela Licata

Michael Opatowski

Ryan Pestana

Philip Rafalko

Casey Sahadath

Benjamin Sisson

Benjamin Allen Stevens

Dean's List Recipients, 2013

Front Row (LtoR): Betina Borova, Ana Hoxha, Loryne Andawey, Sumaya Almajthoob, Benjamin Allen Stevens, Angela Licata

Back Row (LtoR): Sorpong Peou, Dept Chair; Chris Gore, UPD; Benjamin Sisson; Ryan Pestana; Bianca Cirella; Phi Rafalko; Michael Opatowski; Jean-Paul Boudreau, Dean of Arts

Social Time

Ryerson President Sheldon Levy and Vice Provost University Planning Paul Stenton.

President Levy and Vice Provost Stenton

Professor Emeritus Terry Gillin (Sociology) chats with Elisa Haddad, Program Administrator.

Terry Gillin (L) and Elisa Haddad (R)

Awards Nights are a family affair.

Family celebrations

Relaxing before the ceremonies

Relaxing before the ceremonies