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From the Ashes: Government and Nonprofit Cooperation in Emergency Management

Expert panel discusses the cooperation of Public and Third sectors in Emergency Management

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Panelists: From the Ashes - 27 June 2016

From the Ashes: Government and Nonprofit Cooperation in Emergency Management is a major policy paper that explores the challenges faced by governments and the third sector when cooperating in the area of emergency management, and provides recommendations for these challenges to be overcome. The paper was produced by MA students enrolled in PA8209 Changing Boundaries: The Third Sector

As a final event of the course, the students and their instructor, Alex Gill, organized a panel discussion of the opportunities for better cooperation in this area.  Using the ongoing response in Fort McMurray as a jumping-off point, this event explored ways in which governments and nonprofits in Ontario can better collaborate to respond quickly and effectively to natural disasters.

The event took place on 27 June 2016 in the CPA Student Lounge of the Ted Rogers School of Management and featured an expert panel moderated by Dr. Sara Edge, of the Geography and Environmental Studies Department at Ryerson (right on above picture).  Panellists (L to R on above picture) were:

  • Ali Asgary, Associate Professor
    Disaster & Emergency Management
    York University
  • Lynn Eakin, Policy Advisor
    Ontario Nonprofit Network
  • Boris Rosolak, Coordinator
    Office of Emergency Management, City of Toronto

Download the paper here.