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Fees & Payments

Deposit Fees

On acceptance into a graduate program, you must pay a deposit in order to reserve a space in your program.  Your Offer of Admission will state the required amount and the deadline date for submission of your deposit with your Acceptance Form. We regret that Ryerson will not defer deposit or fees payments, even if you are expecting future funds/funding of any type for your graduate studies, including financial assistance programs.

Your deposit fee is non-refundable, and will be applied to your tuition fees. It also activates your registration in your program. If you change your mind at a later date, you must officially withdraw from the program or you will be responsible for any tuition or late fees due, according to the Graduate Studies Significant Dates table.

Tuition Fees

Tuition is calculated on the basis of your program and status (part- or full-time), NOT on the number of courses that you take per term. Your tuition is a YEARLY charge, which is broken into three equivalent payments for the three terms in a graduate academic calendar.

Current fees may be found here.

General fees information, by program, can be found on our website: Note that Information for the upcoming academic year is usually revised mid-August.

Continuous Registration Requirement

You are required to maintain continuous registration in every semester of your graduate program until graduation or withdrawal, unless you have applied for and been granted Inactive Status. To seek Inactive status (in casesof severe illness, parental leave, etc.) you must petition the Dean, Graduate Studies. For further information on this and other Graduate Policies, please consult the Yeates School of Graduate Studies website.

Funding Support

If you have been offered a scholarship, stipend, research or academic assistantship, you will be notified in writing by your Program of the amount and the method of distribution of funds, either with your Offer of Admission or soon afterwards. Please note that your fees statement will not reflect this funding support. If your Offer of Admission is withdrawn/cancelled at any time, or if you withdraw from your program, any offers of Ryerson University funding are null and void.

For further information on the Terms and Conditions of Scholarships and Awards, please see the Yeates School of Graduate Studies webpage on Graduate Funding.

Methods of Payment

All payments must be made through your financial institution using online or telephone banking, or transfer by a local branch.  Credit card, debit card, or cheque payments are NOT accepted.  More information on payment methods is available at: /registrar/fees/payonline/.