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Global Politics and Development

The Minor in Global Politics and Development aims to provide students with a critical examination of understanding of conflict and power in the international system, and development issues in the global South.  It critically reflects on the evolution and character of relations between governments, between governments and international institutions, and between governments and societies and social movements.

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The Minor in Politics provides students with understanding of the political world. It is comprised of several courses drawn from each of the sub-fields represented in the Politics and Governance program: Canadian, Comparative, Global, Policy and Theory. Students may select a configuration of courses that provides depth in one sub-field or a cross-section of several.

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Public Administration

The Minor in Public Administration provides the student with a comprehensive overview of Canadian public administration and policy. It is comprised of three types of courses:

  1. courses in government which provide the students with insights into the nature of modern politics; 
  2. policy courses which emphasize the various terrains on which government and organized interests interact; and 
  3. courses in administration which provide practical skills used in the everyday world of public administration.

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