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Public Administration and Governance, BA

Minor in Public Administration

The Minor in Public Administration provides the student with a comprehensive overview of Canadian public administration and policy. Offered under the "Minor" (Article 7.4) provisions of Senate Policy 2 (Undergraduate Curriculum Structure) of Ryerson University, it is comprised of three types of courses: 

  1. courses in government which provide the students with insights into the nature of modern politics; 
  2. policy courses which emphasize the various terrains on which government and organized interests interact; and 
  3. courses in administration which provide practical skills used in the everyday world of public administration.

The Public Administration Minor is not available to students in the Public Administration and Governance program or the Politics and Governance program.

To receive the Minor, a student must complete six one-term courses (or equivalent) in the configuration shown in the current Calendar listing of the Public Administration Minor. Courses in the Public Administration Minor may also satisfy the Professionally-Related requirements of your degree. Consult the Professionally-Related tables of your Program of Study. If you wish to take a particular course in the Minor that is NOT on the Professionally-Related tables of your Program of Study, it may be possible to have it “count” as one of your required Professionally-Related electives through the use of a “Directive” form.  Consult with your Undergraduate Program Director, Department Chair, or School Director for advice.

Note that there are no Liberal Studies electives among the requirements of this Minor.