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Politics and Governance, BA

Politics and Governance Students’ Association (POGSA)

Full-time undergrad students enrolled in the Politics and Governance program are automatically a member of the Politics and Governance Students’ Association, which is a campus group recognised by the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU).  The RSU designates such groups as a course union governed by a series of policies, and subject to appropriate risk management.

In addition to RSU policies, the Politics and Governance Students’ Association is governed by a constitution adopted (and periodically amended) by the Association itself.

The RSU also notes:

  • Course Unions enable members to organize events and activities at the departmental or program level.

  • As a member of the Ryerson Students' Union, you are automatically a member of the course union of the program in which you are enrolled.

  • Your Course Union is run by elected students in your program who represent your interests by organizing a variety of social and program related events. In addition to advocating on program specific issues and acting as a liaison between students and program administrators, some set up services including exam banks and newsletters. Your Course Union may even partner with other Course Unions to create bigger and better events. See below for a list of Executive members.

  • Course Unions are funded by the Ryerson Students' Union and fund raising activities.  The RSU funds each Union and also offers room booking privileges, mailboxes, email accounts and poster approval.

  • Each course union has an executive (elected yearly) that plans and coordinates activities.

Elected members of the Executive (2019-20) are:



Daniel Lis
Executive Vice President Jordan Zajakovski
Secretary Olivia Karp
Vice President - Finance  
Vice President - Logistics Justina Kewal
Vice President - Student Life / Events Affan Zahid
Vice President - Communications Tenzin Daesel Skaksur


Under the terms of the Department Bylaw, the Politics and Governance Students’ Association also names five (5) student representatives (one each from years 1, 2, and 3; and two from year 4) to the Department Council.

Student representatives to Department Council (for 2019-2020) are:

Year Name
1. Hanen Nanaa
2. Antonia Solmito
3. Josel Angelica Gerardo
4. Cajaanan Jeyanathan
4. Divine Kalama


Contact your Politics and Governance Students’ Association representatives at:

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Katiana Moussa
Katiana Moussa