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Summary: Scholarly and Research Activities

November 2014

Academic Presentations

Bryan Evans.  “The Ideational and Structural Foundations of Economic Policy in an Age of Austerity: Ideas, Agents, Institutions and the Neoliberal State.”  Presented at the conference Manufacturing and Framing Austerity.  Hamilton:  McMaster University, 30 October – 01 November 2014.

Bryan Evans.Social Democracy in the New Age of Austerity.Presented at the Toronto launch of Orchestrating Austerity, ed. Donna Baines and Stephen McBride (Fernwood Publishing 2014). Toronto: Tranzac Club, 20 November 2014.

Bryan Evans, Anver Saloojee and John Shields were part of a roundtable with the South African Minister of Labour, the Honourable Mildred Oliphant.  Hosted by The Canada-Southern Africa Chamber of Business, the roundtable featured discussion on the labour situation in South Africa as it applies to the mining industry.  Toronto:  18 November 2014.

Christopher Gore.  “What is Africa’s ‘Energy’ Problem? Lessons from Uganda.” An invited presentation to the Ostrom Workshop on Political Theory and Policy Analysis, Indianapolis: Indiana University, 19 November 2014.

Christopher Gore.  “Comparative Urban Government in East Africa: Explaining Stasis and Reform.”  Paper presented at the African Studies Association Annual Conference, Indianapolis, Indiana, 20-22 November 2014.

Colin Mooers participated in a panel discussion of his book, Imperial Subjects: Citizenship in an Age of Crisis and Empire (Bloombury, 2014) at the 11th Annual Historical Materialism Conference at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, UK, 08 November 2014.  Other panellists were Adam Hanieh (SOAS); Maia Pal (Oxford Brookes University) and Jeffrey R. Webber (Queen Mary University).

Tracey Raney and Michelle Meagher. “Gender in the Aftermath: Re-imagining the Nation in the Television Series Battlestar Galactica.” National Women’s Studies Association Annual Conference, Feminist Transgressions. San Juan, Puerto Rico, 13-17 November 2014.

Daniel Rubenson.  “Policy Deliberation and Voting Behavior: A Campaign Experiment in the Philippines.”  An invited paper presented to the University of Toronto Political Behaviour Seminar, 28 November 2014.

Mitu Sengupta.  “Towards Universal Sustainable Development Goals? Some Concerns from Global South Perspectives.” Presented at Justice and Development: Confronting Illicit Financial Flows and Climate Change, a conference organized by the Yale Global Justice Program, Yale University, New Haven, CT, 7-9 November 2014.

Neil Thomlinson. “Education in Canada.”  Presented at the XIV Seminário Internacional de Educação hosted by Universidade Feevale, Novo Hamburgo, RS, Brasil 26-28 November 2014 (presentation on 28 November).


Pamela D. Palmater was transferred to the tenured faculty on 18 November 2014.  Congratulations Pam!


Daniel Rubenson organized the second annual Toronto Political Behaviour Workshop, which took place November 7-8 at the Munk School at the University of Toronto. The workshop is a joint event between Ryerson and UofT. It attracted some 80 registered participants from all over Canada, the United States and Europe. The Department generously sponsors the workshop, along with the Dean of Arts and the OVPRI as well as the Department of Political Science and the Munk School of Global Affairs at UofT. The program and papers can be accessed here:

Publications - Published

Miriam Anderson.  “From Principle to Policy: The Emergence, Implementation and Re-Articulation of the Right to Post-Conflict Property Repossession.” In Implementation and World Politics: How International Norms Change Practice, ed. Alexander Betts and Phil Orchard, 195-210.  Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014.

Sedef Arat-Koç.  “Dance of Orientalisms and Waves of Catastrophes: Culturalism and Pragmatism in Imperial Approaches to Islam and the Middle East.” Third World Quarterly 35:9 (2014): 1656-1671.

Sedef Arat-Koç.  “Power in/through Speaking of Terror: The Geopolitics and Anti-Politics of Discourses on Violence in Other Places.” In At the Limits of Justice: Women of Colour on Terror, ed. Suvendrini Perera and Sherene Razack, 356-379.  Toronto:  University of Toronto Press, 2014.

Sedef Arat-Koç.  “Rethinking Whiteness, ‘Culturalism,” and the Bourgeoisie in the Age of Neoliberalism” In Theorizing Anti-Racism: Linkages in Marxism and Critical Race Theories, ed. Abigail B. Bakan and Enakshi Dua, 311-339.  Toronto:  University of Toronto Press, 2014.

Sunil Johal.  “Reprogramming Government for the Digital Era” (with A. Galley). Toronto: KPMG Canada and Mowat Centre, November 2014.

Mitu Sengupta.  “A Déjà Vu Agenda or a Development Agenda?” (with Bhumika Muchhala). Economic and Political Weekly XLIX:46 (15 November 2014): 28-30.

Meghan Joy and John Shields.  “Social Impact Bonds” / “Les obligations à impact social.”  Public Sector Management / Management Secteur Public 25:3 (2014): 10-13.

Publications - Accepted for Publication

Patrice Dutil.  “Crowdsourcing as a New Instrument in the State’s Arsenal: Explorations and Considerations.” Canadian Public Administration (scheduled for September 2015).