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Summary: Scholarly and Research Activity

May 2015

Academic Presentations

Bryan Evans.  “Overview of Research on the Living Wage.” Living Wage Leaders’ Gathering.  Ottawa: Delta City Centre, 05 May 2015.

Bryan Evans and Halina Sapeha, “Are Non-government Policy Actors Being Heard? Assessing New Public Governance in Three Canadian Provinces.” Presented at the Fourth Annual Conference in Public Management: Public Management in Theory and Practice.  Toronto: Glendon College, 25-26 May 2015.

Matthew Flisfeder. “Social Media Does Not Exist: On the ‘Social’ in Social Media and ‘Social Media Revolutions’.” Presented at the 2015 Union for Democratic Communications annual conference: Circuits of Struggle. Toronto: University of Toronto, 01 May 2015.

John Shields.  “Precarious Undertakings: Nonprofit Work, Funding and Communities at Risk.”  Presented in the session “Demonstrating the Impact of Precarity in the GTHA: PEPSO Case Studies,” The Precarity Penalty Symposium. Toronto: 21-22 May 2015.

John Shields.  Panellist.  “Canada’s MIPEX Scores: Is Canada Still an Immigrant Integration Leader?”  Ryerson Centre for Immigration and Settlement, Global Diversity Exchange, and MIPEX2015. Toronto: Ryerson University, 27 May 2015.

Myer Siemiatycki and Jocelyn Kane. "Assessing Ombudsman Impact on the Toronto Public Service." Presented at the Fourth Annual CAPPA Conference in Public Management: Public Management in Theory and Practice. Toronto: Glendon College, York University, 26 May 2015. [Jocelyn Kane is a student in the Immigration and Settlement Studies MA program.]


Tracey Raney has been appointed as Chair of the 2016 Jill Vickers Prize jury. The Jill Vickers Prize is awarded to the author or authors of the best paper presented, in English or French, at the 2015 conference of the Canadian Political Science Association on the topic of gender and politics. She currently sits on the 2015 Jill Vickers Prize jury as a member.

Conference Participation

Bryan Evans.  Moderator, “Living Wage Employer Panel,” Living Wage Leaders Gathering. Ottawa: 05 May 2015.


Mitu Sengupta was lead organizer of a two-day conference, Conference: Global Health / Global Justice 2015: Making New Medicines Accessible to All, which examined the challenges presented by the IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) regime to improving health and access to medicines in both Canada and beyond. It also explored methods of meeting these challenges through existing policy initiatives and through a new mechanism for incentivizing pharmaceutical innovation, the Health Impact Fund.  Toronto: Ryerson University: 07-08 May 2015.  Co-organizers were Steven J. Hoffman (University of Ottawa), Aidan Hollis (University of Calgary), Thomas Pogge (Yale University).  The conference was supported by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), the Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM), Ryerson University, Ryerson's Office of the Vice President of Research and Innovation (OVPRI), and by in-kind support from Academics Stand Against Poverty (ASAP).

Publications - Published

Carlo Fanelli.  “The Radical Keynes: An Appraisal.”  Workplace: A Journal for Academic Labor 25 (2015): 69-81.

Wayne Lewchuk, Michelynn Lafleche, Stephanie Procyk, Charlene Cook, Dianne Dyson, Luin Goldring, Karen Lior, Alan Meisner, John Shields, Anothony Tambureno and Peter Viduciois. The Precarity Penalty: The Impact of Employment Precarity on Individuals, Households and Communities – and what to do about it. Toronto and Hamilton: United Way of Greater Toronto; Poverty and Employment Precarity in Southern Ontario, McMaster University, May, 2015.  196 pages.

Myer Siemiatycki. “King of the Ward.”  In The Ward:  The Life and Loss of Toronto's First Immigrant Neighbourhood, eds. John Lorinc, Michael McClelland, Ellen Scheinberg and Tatum Taylor, 56-59.  Toronto: Coach House Books, 2015.

Publications - Accepted for Publication

Tracey Raney and Michelle Meagher. “Harbinger of Death: Starbuck and the Future of Woman in the Post-Apocalyptic Universe of Battlestar Galactica.” In Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Post-Apocalyptic TV and Film, ed. Barbara Gurr, chapter 3. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, forthcoming October 2015.